Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stitch Upon a Time Ariel Leggings

Once again I'm here after having tested a pattern. This time it was different...I started testing on a friends baby and ended testing on Miss S. I got to sew tiny clothes! I haven't done that since J was a baby! 
For this test I started out sewing up 3m pants for a little boy, he ended up set on the pants for winter lol. 
SUAT Ariel Leggings come with a number of options so possibilities are endless and if you got a picky one like Miss S their pickiness will be well satisfied! LOL

Let's start with plain ol' leggings. This specific pair is done in a size 3m. Plain, straight forward...not much more to say on it...

By adding a cut line and an accent we now have Leg Warmers! These are seriously the cutest little pants! I mean, this gives the pattern itself a unique twist...I like patterns that aren't the same as 500 others out there...so definitely a bonus here in my book! 

Take those leg warmers and add a single tiered skirt and it's a whole new pair of pants! 
Miss S had been asking for "flag pants" in her description this was to be a pair of pants that are Red, White, and Blue...I hadn't been able to find the perfect pattern to meet these special requirements...until a couple days ago now she has her flag pants!

 Add Mermaid Fins and it's another whole new pair! These Miss S loved. She said she was like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
When you take the Single Tiered skirt and add the Mermaid Fins you get "Queen of Skirts Pants" as Miss S has stated. 
That Single Tiered Skirt with Bow Cuffs makes a "Minnie Mouse Pants" 
 Miss S REALLY is loving the bow cuff! She's a HUGE Minnie Mouse fan so naturally bows are her thing.

Above is the different versions from the pattern minus the double tiered skirt *pictured below with a modification to the original pattern*
I really enjoyed testing this pattern! I look forward to making my girls more leggings! I also have a few pair in mind for my nieces who will enjoy them also!

To get a copy of the pattern for yourself head over to SUAT Ariel Leggings and pick up a copy!  
Use code SummerFun for 25% off the ENTIRE site! *Good til 8/5/17*

Modified versions:

Double Tiered Skirt + Capri length 
*this pair is slightly modified from the pattern by cutting the Capris 2" shorter and attaching the Bow Cuffs*

 *This pair is slightly modified by doubling the width of the cuffs for some added length for a growing baby*
*this pair is slightly modified by cutting the bow cuff tie a little longer added a different accent to the cuff*

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