Tuesday, July 25, 2017

School Preprations

This year I'll have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, a kindergartner, and Preschooler...
That's 4 school wardrobes to get done...so I've set to work already!
Preparing both clothes and supplies, while making sure IEPs are in place is more then I ever thought I'd be doing! But, hey, do what you need to do! (The IEPs are for all except Miss S)
First up around here was pants for M - 9 pairs made from a pattern I drafted myself to meet her Sensory needs...
then there's the fact that M owns a load of dance related tshirts...but nothing with her newfound love of Unicorns...well that needed to be fixed, fast. 
I set to work...3 Unicorn print PTP Adorabelles - done!
And with that...M is done...(Minus some in testing...) 

Next I started to work on Miss S...my Minnie girl - she still has lots of dresses that now fit more as tunics but hey, it's good! She needed some new dress length and some new leggings - so far 1 Adorabelle made up for her!

 And as requested by my Buddy, Lil D, Miles From Tomorrowland Charlie Tee - done! (another cut out) he also needs pants and shorts

J - he needs pants and shorts but since he starts 2 weeks later then his older siblings I'm waiting on his and working on ensuring the older ones are all set first!

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