Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Random Sewing

Yes it seems I test a lot, really I don't...I just enjoy sewing!

When you have a girl who LOVES dance...you do what you can to support her...
here, that means making her some Unitards and Circle Skirts for dance practices!
 I really enjoy watching her in her dance classes...not cuz of being able to see her in things I've made her but cuz I LOVE seeing how far she has come...

 PTP Adorabelle - I made this one up for Miss S
 PTP Adorabelle - I made this one up for Miss S
 Leggings for M
 Leggings for S
FS Charlie Tee for Lil D
FS Charlie Tee for Lil D
FS Charlie Tee for Miss S
 FS Charlie Tee for Miss S
 and this one...this one was fun! I took my beloved FS Charlie Tee pattern and I hacked it...I used the very last scraps of my SK print and I made this shirt for my step-sister! she was thrilled!

 Miss decided this year she wanted to be in ice skating - I let her join hesitantly - why? have you seen what those outfits are made of?! Polyester with a side of Polyester...and don't you forget that Polyester! Miss S is allergic to Polyester...but to ice skating she went...to the coach I went, I talked to them, I explained her allergy, I told them I was willing to do whatever needed to allow Miss S to enjoy her ice skating, rash free...they agreed! They showed me (before others) the show outfit, so I could see how it would fit Miss S - what parts needed to be covered to keep that Polyester off her skin...
and then I set to work - I found Nude colored tank tops - size 3x - 2 of them became her long sleeved nude colored leotard...
she needed to wear tan tights - tights are made from polyester...and the kinds that aren't are black or white - no tan...so I set to work there too - Abby's Tights to my rescue! Along with White Cotton Lycra and a bottle of Tan dye...now I had never dyed material before - what better time to start? so I jumped in head first, read the instructions and did it! It came out perfectly! then I cut that newly dyed material up and I made S her pair of tan tights...
Seeing her glide across the ice in her Princess outfit for her first ever show - a huge grin across her face...it made it all worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat...and I will this next march as she wants to continue in ice skating, and I'll be there with my sewing machine ready to keep that rash causing Polyester from touching her skin!

 HarriStar Dimo Tee - Tyranno version for Lil D
 ASB Candy Pocket Skirt for Miss S
ASB Candy Pocket Skirt attatched to leggings for Miss S

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