Tuesday, July 25, 2017

PTP Winding Roadsters

yes, yes, it's been a really long while...but tonight I'll be going through and doing a MUCH needed update, I've already worked to change some of the pictures so they show up and in time I'll get them all changed but let's face it that's 5 YEARS worth of pictures so it'll take awhile lol

First up for tonight come a pattern I tested a few months back...yes I do love to test patterns, seeing how they begin as a desire on the part of the designer to become the pattern that others can see and purchase is an amazing process in my book...I love being "behind the scenes" and seeing this come to life before my eyes...

This pattern I signed up for when it was called SideWinders...from there it became much more...
the 1st versions were near perfect, all things considered of course...the name stuck through til closer to the end when a mixup on part of 1 of the testers actually ended up becoming a new version...and then the name changed...
 the mistake mentioned above happened when putting the material together the person sewed the 1 side on inside out...creating a different look to the original pattern...this version be came known as the "Sidewinders"
 then you added another version called the "Re-Winders"

and of course since some like things plain - there's the "Base Winders" option - seen here paired with Fishsticks Charlie Tee and Hoodie pattern (sadly no longer sold)

with the different options for the legs and how they look there's also 4 different pocket options, plus a shorts cut line...so yes a different looking finished result for everyone!

If you'd like this pattern check it out at Winding Roadsters and grab your own copy!

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