Monday, August 14, 2017

9 years...

It's been 9 years since M joined our family! 
This past year held answers and challenges...
We always knew M was different...she always had different things that would calm her...
Things that would make her scream...
This year we got our answer - M's Autistic.
Knowing this we quickly got her help where we could and continue to let her know she's supported by us no matter what!
I drafted a pattern for her pants so she could be comfortable...

 or her birthday this year A came to visit us, we had a princess pinata, hot dogs, pool time, and time in the sandbox! M was quite happy and enjoyed her day...sad B couldnt come though...
The 1 thing M has enjoyed since we got her into it in Kindergarten was dance! She loves to watch her on the dance floor is to see a side of her you don't see elsewhere...she truly comes alive...becomes 1 with the music, and enjoys it...dances her heart out and asks for more...
last year we gave her the gift of Dance Camp for her birthday...this year she asked if she could go again, little did she know, Mommy already had her signed up...
This year the coaches were amazingly supportive and understanding with made for a truly great experience for M!
I made her her pins, she shared those pins with as many girls as she could...loving every second of it...she made friends...she enjoyed herself...she's asked to go again next year - you bet! I can't wait to see how she will grow in her dance classes this year - she's a 2nd grader now! she's part of Wee Dance longer a Wee Petite...She's growing up.

Requests and a Challenge...

When M was 6months old a friend's daughter gave her a pink and white little bear...
Over the years this bear has become known as "Baby Bear"
Baby Bear goes just about everywhere with M...
She is a treasure much like M's blanky
One day M comes to me "Mommy Baby Bear wants clothes too"
so I take measurements of Baby Bear...and let me tell you there is NO patterns out there for a bear of this size and proportions...
So I got busy...I had recently drafted a pattern from M's pants I got this!
LOL the pants were the hardest for Baby Bear! But I did it!
Baby Bear's order was 3 pairs of socks, 1 pants, 1 shorts, 1 dress, 1 short sleeve shirt, and 1 long sleeve shirt - above she is pictured with her socks...
 Short Sleeve shirt
long sleeved shirt

and yes I kept those patterns...I suspect Baby Bear will come asking for more lol

A Sewing Mama...

I really enjoy being able to sew's a relaxing thing I can do when I just need to relax ;)
This is all stuff I'e made for ME!
I seen this panel and I had to have it! I love it! DBD WRCT complete with pocket and howl! soooo comfy! I think I need more ;)
SUAT Brazi, tunic length

The following are all TWT Gazelle 
 This print...when I was younger I learned to make paper airplanes from both my Grandpa and my Daddy. Me and Grandpa use to fly them all the time in the house...when I seen this print it brought back any memories of my Grandpa on cold winter nights making paper airplanes with me to fly around in the house...he always told me to never settle for anything, to reach for my dreams and fly amongst the stars doing whatever I wanted in life...I have achieved what I wanted in life, as Grandpa would say I have found my stars to soar amongst...
 Vintage Sewing Machines! Cotton Lycra
 this is French Terry Stained Glass Lace
Cotton Lycra 
 Cotton Lycra
 Double Brushed Poly
 Double Brushed Poly
Double Brushed Poly

And then...I got creative..
I had tested SUAT Arial Leggings...and I LOVED the leg warmers option! but alas I no longer fit into little girl sizes so...I hacked the Gazelle! I may need to make more of these ;)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stitch Upon a Time Ariel Leggings

Once again I'm here after having tested a pattern. This time it was different...I started testing on a friends baby and ended testing on Miss S. I got to sew tiny clothes! I haven't done that since J was a baby! 
For this test I started out sewing up 3m pants for a little boy, he ended up set on the pants for winter lol. 
SUAT Ariel Leggings come with a number of options so possibilities are endless and if you got a picky one like Miss S their pickiness will be well satisfied! LOL

Let's start with plain ol' leggings. This specific pair is done in a size 3m. Plain, straight forward...not much more to say on it...

By adding a cut line and an accent we now have Leg Warmers! These are seriously the cutest little pants! I mean, this gives the pattern itself a unique twist...I like patterns that aren't the same as 500 others out definitely a bonus here in my book! 

Take those leg warmers and add a single tiered skirt and it's a whole new pair of pants! 
Miss S had been asking for "flag pants" in her description this was to be a pair of pants that are Red, White, and Blue...I hadn't been able to find the perfect pattern to meet these special requirements...until a couple days ago now she has her flag pants!

 Add Mermaid Fins and it's another whole new pair! These Miss S loved. She said she was like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
When you take the Single Tiered skirt and add the Mermaid Fins you get "Queen of Skirts Pants" as Miss S has stated. 
That Single Tiered Skirt with Bow Cuffs makes a "Minnie Mouse Pants" 
 Miss S REALLY is loving the bow cuff! She's a HUGE Minnie Mouse fan so naturally bows are her thing.

Above is the different versions from the pattern minus the double tiered skirt *pictured below with a modification to the original pattern*
I really enjoyed testing this pattern! I look forward to making my girls more leggings! I also have a few pair in mind for my nieces who will enjoy them also!

To get a copy of the pattern for yourself head over to SUAT Ariel Leggings and pick up a copy!  
Use code SummerFun for 25% off the ENTIRE site! *Good til 8/5/17*

Modified versions:

Double Tiered Skirt + Capri length 
*this pair is slightly modified from the pattern by cutting the Capris 2" shorter and attaching the Bow Cuffs*

 *This pair is slightly modified by doubling the width of the cuffs for some added length for a growing baby*
*this pair is slightly modified by cutting the bow cuff tie a little longer added a different accent to the cuff*

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

School Preprations

This year I'll have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, a kindergartner, and Preschooler...
That's 4 school wardrobes to get I've set to work already!
Preparing both clothes and supplies, while making sure IEPs are in place is more then I ever thought I'd be doing! But, hey, do what you need to do! (The IEPs are for all except Miss S)
First up around here was pants for M - 9 pairs made from a pattern I drafted myself to meet her Sensory needs...
then there's the fact that M owns a load of dance related tshirts...but nothing with her newfound love of Unicorns...well that needed to be fixed, fast. 
I set to work...3 Unicorn print PTP Adorabelles - done!
And with that...M is done...(Minus some in testing...) 

Next I started to work on Miss Minnie girl - she still has lots of dresses that now fit more as tunics but hey, it's good! She needed some new dress length and some new leggings - so far 1 Adorabelle made up for her!

 And as requested by my Buddy, Lil D, Miles From Tomorrowland Charlie Tee - done! (another cut out) he also needs pants and shorts

J - he needs pants and shorts but since he starts 2 weeks later then his older siblings I'm waiting on his and working on ensuring the older ones are all set first!

Stepping Out...

We found out last May that our 8yr old daughter is Autistic...add this to her Sensory Processing Disorder and many things just suddenly make sense in how she acts and things she chewing - man! that girl loves to chew, I found her some teether necklaces meant to be for mom to wear for a teething baby...she wears to have something to chew so stuff like rocks don't enter her mouth...
Another thing is her love of dance - when she's on the dance floor it's like she's in another world...a world where she can float and not need to worry about the fact that she can't read we support her in her dance, I've seen every dance show, I've driven her to and from dance camp, I've taken her to every dance practice...and even though she's never said thanks to me I get my "thanks mommy" when I see her dance...

Another way I choose to support her and allow her to know that no matter what I'll ensure her needs are met...even if that means I search for MONTHS for a pattern to remake a beloved pair of pants...
This pair of pants I made her last year, the pattern I used is no longer big enough for her I attempted to hunt down a new pattern, I asked friends, I asked in sewing groups...ideas where shared, I checked those ideas of patterns out...nothing, months of checking various patterns and I was fast approaching another school year of her having only 2 pairs of pants she'd wear - both 7" too I did what I could...

 I took that pair of pants, 7" too short, made from who knows what mystery fabric...and I turned them into a pattern...I added length...I added width...
 And then I made a pair out of Double Brushed Polyester...
I handed her that pair - and I explained that no matter what I needed her to remain calm and tell me where any adjusting was needed...and I'd try again, and again, and again...uantil we had the perfect pair...
she put that pair on - she ran down the hallway and back...she threw her arms around me and said "thank you mommy! they're prefect! can I have a purple flower pair?!"
 "why yes M, you can have a purple flower pair!"
 so now, not only do I have a pattern for her that she loves...I can make her pants in any print she so desires...
 And she can have more then just 2 pairs...
and when needed I'll make the pattern bigger
 she loves the prints that I had on my shelf lol
 Miss S set this 1 up for pictures
 M loves that she can have lots of pants! no need for Mommy to wash laundry nightly for 1 pair of pants...
and Butterflies! ;)

so yes, this week I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I took a pair of pants and made a pattern...a pattern that I know will be loved greatly here and be used for years to come with minor adjustments...the time it took was well worth it, no more fighting over pants not fitting right!

Not Just For the Kids

By now you're probably thinking "gee, this woman sews a LOT for her kids" 
Why yes...I do, and I enjoy every second of it. But I don't just sew for them!
These are Leggings I made up for me use TWT Gazelle as the pattern