Monday, June 13, 2016

A Pickled Pepper Tank

So finally got my laptop back up and running...again, no idea what the kids did this time lol

But, that has nothing to do with what I'm posting on today. I've been doing a couple different tests for the same designer. It's been quite fun! Pickled Toes Patterns recently released the Safari Tank which is a plain ol' tank, no fancy blocking or anything. Great for when you need a quick tank.
Her latest release however, is the Pickled Pepper Tank. Color blocking, Hood option, and a front pocket option, let's you get a great shirt with any fabric combination you could dream up!

 front pocket, color blocked

front pocket, hood option, color blocked

Back color block is also an option!

My girls have enjoyed being able to help test the fit on this pattern! and truly do enjoy being able to model their new clothes custom made for the also!
If you like what you see hop on over and grab the pattern for yourself! Use the coupon code DADS for 20% off until Father's Day!

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