Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Pickle Safari Tank

My, I sign up for one test and end up being a part of many! Not that I'm complaining mind you, I love watching the pattern designers ideas become a reality. I help as I can by sewing up, pointing out faults, mistypes, etc in a pattern...can be something as simple as a fit test or much more...I love the whole process and the idea of being able to help out and a bonus - I get to SEW! :D

So this test, I put in my kids' measurements, and was told she needed me to test 23" chest - well - Miss M! you're up! she was so excited to get to test a pattern with Mommy. Her part? she puts on the pattern I make her, then she points out if it feels tight, too small, too loose, perfect, etc - all my kids have become quite good at this - even J at 2 will say "no no no" when he doesn't like a fit...
Once we go past the fit tests then comes the part of getting good pictures to show off the new pattern, and we get to make as many as we want! I think that's the funnest part :D

But, onto the pattern. This time it was a newer (to me) pattern designer, Pickle Toes Patterns. I only just found her and her patterns. The test I got to be a part of is now complete, and has become known as The Safari Tank - it is a plain tank, a quick sew, and definitely a much needed item in Miss M's wardrobe as she doesn't usually like tank tops - but boy! does she love this one! I think that speaks for itself if you ask me.

Humbled Fabrics' Stained Glass Hearts
Miss M was doing some dance moves when we were getting final pictures ;)

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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Sparkly Test!

A couple weeks ago A Sparkly Baby posted requesting a specific range of measurements...which I fell in! I didn't know what I was getting myself into signing up...but I signed up anyways - and I was picked!
Upon joining the testing group I seen this pattern I was to sew up for the first time ever - and the first thing I noticed was the pocket! I mean, I'm a pocket girl, I love pockets - when you have 4 kids pockets are a must for all. Trust me.
So I printed my testing version of the pattern and dove in head first you could say, 1st up I made a plain version with some random fabric to get an idea of the fit and let Taryn know how the fit was...then it was time to get busy for me as I loved the fit! And I've always been picky when it comes to clothes for me.
The way this pattern looks, you'd think it would take forever to sew one up, but no it doesn't, I think longest one took me an hour between piecing the pattern, cutting my fabric, and sewing it up - and the results are amazing! Looking at all the shirts the others testing made up and seeing how it made them and myself feel - I think there truly is some Sparkly Magic in this pattern! People who hated how their body looked in most shirts LOVED how it looks in this shirt - and the pattern uses 2 measurements to get the perfect fit! That's awesome for sure!

Smoogie Fabric's Language of Love and Simplicity together
Humbled Fabric's Littlefoot Characters together with So Cheeky's Stars
Humbled Fabric's Stain Glass Hearts paired with So Cheeky's Stars
On me! LOVE the fit! it's Awesome! :D

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