Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I had never really joined a sew along before - it was fun!
day one was print patterns and pick fabrics - day two was cut pieces out...and so on until all 3 patterns were done!

well for my first ever sew along I jumped in head first for sure lol - patterns were Spoxxy, Artemis, and Archer - you could pick one or all - I picked all - Spoxxy for me, Artemis for both girls, and Archer for the boys...I let the kids pick fabrics for theirs...

my SUAT Spoxxy - stars for the back and bands Aurora for the front - love it! it has joined my Spoxxy collection :D

Lil D's SUAT Archer - how can this boy be needing size 6 already?! I totally expect him to be in a size 7 by next school year too as this size 6 fits perfectly now - not too big at all :( my lil buddy's growing up for sure - he LOVES it to say the least <3
Of course J needs one too! Size 3T for him - a little big but I like that - allows them to wear things a little longer lol

For the girls I did the SUAT Artemis - first time sewing this pattern - they both love them! they wanted "all colors of stars" in one dress - I managed it easily with the Artemis lol - this one is S' - Purple and Green for the back of the bodice - size 6
This one is M's - she's got Orange and Pink for the back of the bodice - size 6 with 8 length - man! that girl is getting tall!

And then - my little buddy comes to me and says "mommy, I match J?" he had spotted the Littlefoot panels I got...he wanted shirts to match his brother - this is his latest thing he enjoys it...when I asked J what he thought of "matching brother" he giggled clapped and danced - I took this as a identical Size 3T and size 6 Archers got made up
Boys love them! (Tree Star print for the back)

And as a little surprise for Lil D I made him some shorts to match his shirt - he says I need to make J a pair also which I've not yet gotten too but I will for sure! - DBD CBP done as shorts

I really enjoyed participating in my first sew along! I'll definitely be doing it again at some point! - right now though - I'm working on a tester ;) expect that to be shown off when I'm allowed to :D

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