Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Updating...

Since most of this blog has been me posting things I've made - I figure I might as well keep at it and keep posting stuff I've made while I was offline for so long!

I had made Becca a shirt - she loved it! And she asked for shorts to go with it - so I made her some! Perfect she said!
Mister Lil D had spotted Mommy's Paw Patrol fabric - proclaimed it his "pants" and it promptly walked away...later found in his dresser drawer lol - can't blame him for not trying! So I made him up some Paw Patrol shorts
Another pair of Paw Patrol shorts

Then he spotted my Flag material - said he needed "flag shorts" so I made him a pair...or rather two pair lol as I messed up on one leg so he ended up with two pair identical - he did not complain...

Of course - Miss S had some very specific requests also - "Mommy I NEED a polka dot skirt" - Request granted!
She also asked for some "nightgown dresses"
Another request granted!

I really do enjoy being able to meet my kids simple requests...I often get asked why do I sew? well honestly - I sew for many reasons...back when I was younger some of my fondest memories are sewing with I sew using her machine. But, I also sew for Miss S due to her allergies to Polyester - have you ever checked clothing tags in the store - yeah 9 times out of 10 theres polyester in those shirts you to prevent Miss S from being stuck in plain ol shirts - I sew...
Probably the biggest reason I sew though is simply cuz I enjoy it! I love to sew - I love meeting my kids desires - I love seeing their eyes light up when Mommy shows them a newly made item - it doesnt matter what it is - they love it - as Miss S puts it "I love wearing Mommy made clothes, cuz they make me feel hugged" I love making my kids feel hugged even when I'm not near them...

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