Sunday, April 24, 2016

Made for Mermaids Top Tester

About a week ago M4M announced they were doing a Top Tester challenge - since I enjoy seeing how patterns evolve and love knowing that I was able to help a pattern become as good as it is at release by testing fit and construction along the way - I decided to join this challenge
for it we could pick ANY M4M pattern we wanted as long as we never made it before...well I picked Bonny Leggings - I decided to use S as my model so I made a straight size 6 Boy shorts with a circle skirt attached - this was the first time I had ever done a circle skirt!

Weather didnt cooperate with us for today - but the pictures turned out great anyways! S was happy to model as she LOVES her picture being taken so it was a win in her eyes - a new skirt plus pictures!
I was sure glad for those boy shorts under the skirt as the wind blew when I snapped my picture! no underwear seen here!

Like what you see? Want to try the pattern for yourself? it was a very quick sew! the instructions amazing! Hop on over to Made for Mermaids and buy the pattern for yourself! Don't want to spend that much? Check out the pinned post in her group! ;)

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