Sunday, April 17, 2016


Lots of people who sew say they rarely make anything for themselves...I'm the same way - but, yes, I do sew for myself at times...its great! I mean - custom made clothes! What's not to love?!

One of my Favorite for me patterns is the SUAT Spoxxy - why? who knows lol I also loe the Scrundies (yes, thats underwear, no I will not post pictures of my underwear! lol) and the Brazi (you guessed it! Bras! Again, not posting pictures lol)
I will however, post pictures of my Spoxxies!
These are so comfy to wear!
This one I think is my favorite though! 
Or...maybe its this one?!
I need to get me more Footprints material...
This is the first one I made up this year! its a meshy see-through overlay over Black for the front...

Another pattern I love for me is the DBD WHIPP! Theres my Aurora! (And Stars!)
Another DBD WHIPP!

I also love the LLK Cardigan!
This one I made using Sweatshirt Fleece! I love it!

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