Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Huge Update... has been awhile since I'e really posted anything, why? Well, my laptop had quit working. Turns out the hard drive went out on it...figures lol. It's fixed now, but while it was down I only had my ipad to post from and that was difficult at times so I just didn't post much at all...
So, now, time for the huge update on things The last thing I really posted was about Mom's emergency surgery. She's doing great now, no after effects of that really at all...which is a great thing! She's had total knee replacement on her right leg also now which is great too!
We've moved off the farmsite, not by choice mind you, but was a change that had to be done. We now live with mom which has helped us all. Husband is working 40 hours weeks again! I also work, as a PCA, love it!
While I was off M and S started school, M in Kindergarten, S in PreK - both girls love school! M also wanted to dance so - dance away girl! Mommy will make it happen! And I did - she dances in 2 classes (will be in 3 next year) and LOVES every minute of it! She wants to be in the parade this summer and also managed to talk Mommy into the Mother/daughter Dance (i'll admit, it didnt take much for her LOL) Her JFK Dance group won 3rd place in the TWD Competitions in March! I'm so proud of her, too! Not cuz she won but cuz of the spirit in which she went in, not knowing if shed win. She told her dance team mates that "it doesnt matter it we win or not, we are all winners when we have fun." Yep, thats right guys! have fun and be winners! Who cares about the ribbons its the fun in dancing! Lil D also started school after Christmas! We also found out his right eardrum doesnt work at all - why? lemme know when you know! the ENTs and doctors are does totally explain his speech though! So once we figured out what we were working with, we enrolled him in PreK also - He also is getting tested to ensure that his hearing issues isnt causing him to fall behind his peers. Let's hope not! As time goes on - his hearing could get worse, it could get better, it could do nothing - we dont know...time will tell...

I also sewed a LOT while off...I mean...a LOT! Did some testers as well!

As a Girl (M) enters school she has some very essential needs...she gets a list for school supplies, but this list doesnt include the clothes she will of course need to wear! So I set to work - when your waist could fit a size 2T but height wise you need a size 10 it makes it hard to buy pants especially! So I started with shorts:
Purple, Pink, Teal, Black, Mauve, Light Pink, and White (sorry the lighting is bad!) - All Made with Yoga waistbands she loved them! Then - of course she'd need pants as well! long do they need to be! I set to work again, this time taking her current pants length and adding to it - to get some not too long, but not perfect either - so there'd be room to grow!
First pair came out an inch too short - she used these for pajama pants for awhile til she outgrew them and they got passed onto Miss S
The next pair came out too long - perfect for plenty of room to grow! But much too long to safely wear right NOW which is what I was after...(they fit now though! the only pair that does! lol)
next pair was perfect! Just enough extra length to allow growing room - but not enough to be a problem as she walked.
Now came time to sew loads of pants for M!
I Used a Yoga Pants Pattern as the base - edited it to meet Ms needs for pants...
The results were custom made pants for a Miss M
She picked the prints
And LOVED wearing them!
Now most are too short - but it's Spring tie again, the shorts can come out - and surprise, surprise she can wear the same shorts I made her last Spring...I made them plenty long last year to account for growing and now they're the perfect length!
Most of her shirts I found in the store...but one I found was too big for her - she loved it though so I altered it to fit her Thats it for M's school wardrobe!

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