Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I had never really joined a sew along before - it was fun!
day one was print patterns and pick fabrics - day two was cut pieces out...and so on until all 3 patterns were done!

well for my first ever sew along I jumped in head first for sure lol - patterns were Spoxxy, Artemis, and Archer - you could pick one or all - I picked all - Spoxxy for me, Artemis for both girls, and Archer for the boys...I let the kids pick fabrics for theirs...

my SUAT Spoxxy - stars for the back and bands Aurora for the front - love it! it has joined my Spoxxy collection :D

Lil D's SUAT Archer - how can this boy be needing size 6 already?! I totally expect him to be in a size 7 by next school year too as this size 6 fits perfectly now - not too big at all :( my lil buddy's growing up for sure - he LOVES it to say the least <3
Of course J needs one too! Size 3T for him - a little big but I like that - allows them to wear things a little longer lol

For the girls I did the SUAT Artemis - first time sewing this pattern - they both love them! they wanted "all colors of stars" in one dress - I managed it easily with the Artemis lol - this one is S' - Purple and Green for the back of the bodice - size 6
This one is M's - she's got Orange and Pink for the back of the bodice - size 6 with 8 length - man! that girl is getting tall!

And then - my little buddy comes to me and says "mommy, I match J?" he had spotted the Littlefoot panels I got...he wanted shirts to match his brother - this is his latest thing he enjoys it...when I asked J what he thought of "matching brother" he giggled clapped and danced - I took this as a identical Size 3T and size 6 Archers got made up
Boys love them! (Tree Star print for the back)

And as a little surprise for Lil D I made him some shorts to match his shirt - he says I need to make J a pair also which I've not yet gotten too but I will for sure! - DBD CBP done as shorts

I really enjoyed participating in my first sew along! I'll definitely be doing it again at some point! - right now though - I'm working on a tester ;) expect that to be shown off when I'm allowed to :D

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Made for Mermaids Top Tester

About a week ago M4M announced they were doing a Top Tester challenge - since I enjoy seeing how patterns evolve and love knowing that I was able to help a pattern become as good as it is at release by testing fit and construction along the way - I decided to join this challenge
for it we could pick ANY M4M pattern we wanted as long as we never made it before...well I picked Bonny Leggings - I decided to use S as my model so I made a straight size 6 Boy shorts with a circle skirt attached - this was the first time I had ever done a circle skirt!

Weather didnt cooperate with us for today - but the pictures turned out great anyways! S was happy to model as she LOVES her picture being taken so it was a win in her eyes - a new skirt plus pictures!
I was sure glad for those boy shorts under the skirt as the wind blew when I snapped my picture! no underwear seen here!

Like what you see? Want to try the pattern for yourself? it was a very quick sew! the instructions amazing! Hop on over to Made for Mermaids and buy the pattern for yourself! Don't want to spend that much? Check out the pinned post in her group! ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

J's A'Growing!

J is the youngest...Hes currently 2years old and wearing a size 3T - well Lil D never really wore 3T so this means J gets all new shirts! When Lil D has outgrown something I save it for J then I add some to it so J also always gets new things...but J rarely gets a whole new wardrobe!

He loves it when mommy makes him clothes just like his siblings do!
If you've not figured it out by now, Fishsticks patterns are my biggest go-to especially for the boys! J is no exception!

These are all Fishsticks Charlie Tee and Hoodie pattern - sized 3T

These are all Fishsticks Honor Roll Raglan Henley

Well, that's all I got for tonight! I'll post more in a couple days though I'm sure as I got a dress for each girl cut out, plus a shirt for each boy half cut out (still need to cut out the back lol) plus I'm sure I'll sew some more up for me too!

Adult Going Rogue Socks!

Yet another tester!
This one for adults! and yep! SOCKS!
TWT Going Rogue Socks is a pattern made to accommodate any foot size, calf size, or even height needed for thigh highs! a pattern made for men and women alike, the options are endless here as well...
go short for "Crew Socks"

Go Longer for "calf length"
can also do thigh highs and knee highs, sized for both men and women to get that perfect fit!

Abby's Trailblazing Socks!

Another tester I did up, TWT Abby's Trailblazing Socks!

This one was fun! I mean, I tested quite a few versions, they were so quick to sew up , dont use much for material at all and that;s a great bonus right?!
The Options are endless with this pattern! Plain Ol' socks in any color you wish! Knit (yoga) bands
Or elastic bands...
Add some pink and make them be paws for you're childs Chase costume!
Make them as thigh highs for a 6 yr old with bow print material
OR make Baby Legs! (later versions were tighter on that bands)
Or! Make Dance Legs to go great with any dancers dance outfit!

Such a great pattern! So many options!

Halloween 2015

For 2015 Halloween I asked the kids what they wanted to be

J said "woof woof" and pointed to Lil D's Marshall toy - so Marshall from Paw Patrol it is!
Lil D said he wanted to be Chase from Paw Patrol
S asked to be a panda
M asked to be "a different Cinderella" she picked the fabrics

And then as if making 4 Halloween customes wasnt enough
I made a neighbor girls Halloween dream come true too! She wanted to go as an Artic Fox - she loved it! and still loves wearing it every chance she can


YES! I did zippers! Zippers is something that scared me...but I figured to get the look I wanted for the girls' picture dresses - I needed I plunged in head was tricky, but once I figured it out - EASY!
Back of M's
Close up of the zipper!
Front of M's

Front of Miss S'
Back of Miss S'


Here's a bunch of random sewing I did that doesnt really fit anywhere...

Pants for Lil D
Chase sweatshirt for Lil D

Sweatshirt for my Dancer, Miss M

A new Dance outfit for the growing so tall Miss M!

Another pants for Miss M

This past year (2015) M's birthday request was Nurses outfits for her, S, and Lil D!
I used Mom's nurses hat as a pattern for the hats for the kids

Miss S Makes Requests...

Miss S knows that she gets "itchy" from a certain material - and she knows that when we go to the store and she spots that new Minnie Mouse dress Mommy will check the tag...and if it doesn't have "itchies" in it she might just get to take it home...But when it does - she knows that she wont get it no matter what as we dont like itchies at all!
But she also knows - that when she outgrows that special Minnie Mouse shirt Mommy will take it and make it brand new! That's what she asked for...
Old shirts to be made new she can continue to wear her beloved Minnie Mouse without itchies!
More Minnie Mouse!
And More Minnie Mouse!
And then...Mommy surprised her! Minnie Mouse AND Polka Dots!
Miss S isn't ALL Minnie Mouse of course, although it is the main thing she likes...she also loves her some Penguins!

Remember when I tested the TWT Abby's Tights? Well, that pattern still gets plenty of use around here! S especially loves it!