Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Holiday Blog Debut Tour

What better way to get your name out there as a designer then a blog tour? And what better time to show off great patterns then during the holidays? So, here it is, my version of holiday blog tour, hosted by The Wolf and the Tree, Hello Holli, and Chalk and Notch.
When I signed up to be apart of the blog tour I had to pick which pattern I'd feature..then pick another pattern to go with it, well picking a featuring pattern was hard! I finally decided on The Wolf and the Tree Abby Footed Tights, after that I decided I'll do both of the other patterns! 

The Wolf and the Tree Abby's Footed Tights is such a fast, easy sew, and when you have a child who's allergic to polyester it's hard to find tights for her. When that same child loves tights, it makes things rough...along comes Saskia and her Footed Tights pattern, it was like a dream come true in the world of a 5yr old...
You then take this awesome tights pattern and pair it with Hello Holli's Blue Ridge Dress pattern and wow! What a wonderful Christmas dress outfit! But, wait! Add into the mix Chalk and Notch's Fishtail Kimono and the wow just got better! is my take on the Abby Footed Tights, the Blue Ridge Dress, and the Fishtail Kimono.

I mentioned how my girl loves her some tights, how about tights in any color one can dream up? That's every girls dream right? The person behind The Wolf and the Tree made up a wonderful pattern for making little girls loads of tights, she even went so far as to make a pattern version for both 2way and 4way stretch knits! Com'on that's got to be some bonus points there, to take the guess work out of how much shorter do you need to go to get a great fit with 4way stretch knit!
Add to the tights this awesome dress pattern by Holli over at Hello Holli, the Blue Ridge Dress. My girl is already planning what material I will use for her dress next. It was a easy, fast sew, which is a definite plus in my book with the busy lifestyles so many lead these days. It has a unique look to it I've not seen elsewhere before, too.
To complete the outfit is the Fishtail Kimono created by Gabriela at Chalk and Notch. The way this pattern is made up gives it a different look then all the other kimonos I've seen. Definitely adds a bit of flavor to this outfit. With two ways to do the binding, directions to lengthen arms if you'd like, or a longer bodice it makes for a completely personalizable pattern for sure!

When pieced together you have a great outfit for any holiday get together! My girl is super excited to have gotten a new dress and has ordered more, she says they're very comfortable. She's already got more tights then she could ever imagine. 

I truly enjoyed being able to be a part of this blog tour! I can't wait to see what the pattern designers will come out with next! 

As part of this blog tour The Wolf and the Tree, Hello Holli, and Chalk and Notch are hosting a giveaway! So, go on, join the giveaway! You might get lucky and win something!