Monday, September 21, 2015

The Wolf and the Tree Abby's Tights!

Yes, yes, I know it's been awhile, you'd be amazed at what all has happened, and continues to happen...but that's for another day and however, I come to tell you about a new pattern I got lucky enough to test!

My S has a polyester allergy, because of this her love and desire of millions of tights can't be met...until now! Saskia from The Wolf and the Tree has made this awesome pattern for tights! With the help of Lil D I made up a pair in under an hour from cut to finish, and the results were amazing! Perfect fit! Some slight modifications to the pattern over all and it's become an even better fit! My S is the happiest little girl alive now, she has sent mommy on the hunt for Minnie Mouse knit so she can have Minnie tights...the ability to fulfill this desire of her heart is great when before she was stuck with brown, black, and white tights...and then only got new ones if mommy could find some without polyester. 

I also made some up for M. M has started dance, this means she needed something to wear for dance practice...I pattern mashed for the top, and used Abby's Tights for the legs - perfect! 
The first version I tested, made up for S, she has worn them near daily...
S had ordered an Eeyore skirt...well, it's getting cold here now, so I took the Abby's Tights pattern, used the yoga waistband, and attached a skirt! She loves it!
Outfit for dance! The tights offer plenty of wiggle room for a girl in dance!
Add in a side accent and get a cool looking pair of tights! (Another outfit for dance)
It really is a great pattern! With a great fit! And plenty of room for a wiggling, dancing girl! Comes with yoga waist band, elastic waist band, side accent, 2-way or 4-way stretch options. Making it into your own is so easy and the results are simply amazing. I know I, for sure, will be busy making a bunch of these for all year round!

Pop on over to and grab the pattern while it's on sale! Use ABBYSTIGHTS for 3$ off and start sewing up your own for the special girls in your life!

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