Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plans, Ideas...oh no! Wait!

We had plans, and some ideas...then mom ended up with emergency surgery...she's doing MUCH better now though! But, until she's healed up plans have been put on hold...same with the ideas...but it's getting all back in order...

While mom was having her surgery the doctors led me to believe shed need a totally altered wardrobe...for bandage I set to work making up some button up nightgowns using a pattern Id made a couple years ago for her...I did get one made up minus the buttons when mom came home...she didn't need so I set to work on other things instead...

Charlie Tee made up for B. I found this material at 2$/ was hard to pass up so I got 10yards lol B likes frogs so of course I used some of it for a tshirt for her...she loves it!

"Tshirt dress" made using a tank top for S
Tshirt dress for M

And, I do all this sewing/crocheting for it was time to do some for myself! Stitch Upon a Time released the Scrundlewear pattern not long ago...I've made 12 for myself! Best underwear ever! Lol but no, I won't share a picture of them here lol
SUAT also released the Spoxxy...made one for myself today, awesome fit! I need to make up more spoxxys for sure! I got another pattern I need to make one up to test, too, the Versa Cami by SUAT...

I still love Fishsticks! But SUAT is up there in my well loved list now too! 

Little Miss S asked for a red and black dress for her I gladly made one up!