Saturday, March 14, 2015

Apple Blossoms, Dandelions, and Dresses.

As the days get longer and the nights get shorter...I know spring is just around the corner...I keep thinking of grandpa during this time of the winter snows melt away feeding the ground preparing for planting, as the trees start to bring forth green as the dandelions pop's a time of rebirth, a time of hope for the future, it was always my grandpas favorite time of year...I hope that this year we can plant a couple Apple trees...Id love to be able to watch for the blossoms...
As the weather warms up I start thinking about the kids clothes...what will they wear this year? Well...I got some new patterns Id love to try out! And I will as soon as I have the ability to print them lol...but I also have already printed patterns I've not used, or only used once Id like to try out too! So yes, they will be getting more mommy made clothes added to their wardrobes!
This year my husband has decided he doesn't want the girls wearing speghetti dresses of any some of the patterns Id like to try I'll need to alter to accommodate his desire in that aspect...while other RTW things will need to be altered as well...I also expect a long list of nightgowns being requested by my mom...I swear she has a nightgown fetish lol I wait to see what all is needed for each of the kids, between what I put up from last year and what was gotten over the winter I don't know who all truly needs what til I get it all washed up and sorted...then I'll see what's NEEDED by each child...then from there add in a couple wants hehe

After husbands desire of no speghetti straps...I changed the bottom portion by cutting off the speghetti straps and adding a tshirt top instead...this is made for S, and she loves it!

The red is a shawl like thing my mom found...she wanted it used in a nightgown for herself...I happened to find the leopard print material and since it's the kind she likes as nightgowns I had gotten it...she then told me she wanted the red shawl as the front with the leopard print as the back...and the green shirt as the here it is! As she requested! 
This is another nightgown for my mom...this one is actually comfortable! I mean...I tested it to check length like I do for all of them...the bottom is a mystery fabric mom found at a garage sale and the top was a shirt someone had made for her that she wanted turned into a here it is!

More to follow im sure! Lol I've been getting back into sewing lately...also doing some crocheting lately too...been enjoying it!
Mom swiped this outfit as soon as she seen it lol proclaiming she had naked barbies...k whatever...I'll make another for the girls I guess lol...barbie was always my grandmas model for the clothes she made for barbies...and so she's my model now...I've been working on crocheting some clothes for the girls barbies...this was the first one I made, second is still a WIP and I'll get done eventually lol

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