Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cutie Turns 5...

S has always been called our "Little Cutie" due to her overall attitude...she's just a joy in the storm that is M...
Well our Cutie has turned 5 :O I can hardly believe it. Each day she spends drawing in various drawing pads, or coloring in her coloring books, writing her letters on the chalkboard, or playing quietly with her Minnie Mouse stuff. Boy, does that girl love her Minnie Mouse!
Last year mommy had surprised her with a Minnie Mouse outfit. It was complete with a hat and everything...she loved it, still wears it each chance she gets..the sleeves are getting short but it still gets plenty of wear...
This year she came to me and said "Mommy, I'll be 5 soon. I need you to make me a new Minnie Mouse dress. I need it with blue polka dots, and short sleeves. Please mommy." Why, yes Cutie, mommy loves meeting your desires since you don't ask for much.

Fishsticks free "The Tank" pattern with attached ruffles for sleeves...the body is interlock. The skirt and sleeve ruffles are jersey knit. She was quite happy!

But, a girl can't get what she asks for only...there's no surprise in that. 
Mommy made her a second Minnie Mouse dress! Same pattern/materials just in black and red.
She was a VERY happy little girl! She now has 3 minnie dresses! 

She picked out her birthday cake items...
With the help of M we turned those things into a Minnie Mouse cake! It was yummy!

So. Yet another year of Cutie, bringing smiles, laughter, and happiness wherever she goes.

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