Friday, January 2, 2015

Busy while offline

We haven't had Internet for about a month now and during that time I've been busy with various different things. I made Christmas gifts for each of the kids and others. I also learned how to knit, granted I can't do it very fast yet, I still know how now which is something I've wanted to learn for awhile now it's one of the few crafts I didn't know how to do already.

The girls got ballerina skirts. Well loved and enjoyed.
Lil D got a Lightning McQueen super hero cape. That he loves and sleeps with next to his bed.
J got a new blankie.

I did crocheted kitchen towels for my mom, daddy, and some extras. I was really enjoying making them again brought back memories of when me and grandma would make them and sell them as craft fairs. I only stopped cuz I ran out of yarn that matched the towels I have lol. The ones pictured still need buttons.

I also crocheted the girls a doll pillow and blanket for their crib.
I made a boondoggled fish for the older 3 for their winter coat zippers. I also made a cross for my mom that she has on her keys.
I sewed up 3 new nightgowns for my mom also...she loved them...

With everything else I've been doing I've also been going through some of grandmas craft books. I found the plastic canvas barbie house she wanted to make for me before she lost her eyesight and it never got made. So I've decided the girls will be the ones to get to enjoy the dream my grandma had. I'll make the barbie house for them. It'll most likely end up being a Christmas gift next year as it's no small task to complete with the plastic canvas need and the yarn in various colors some in great quantities, plus the time to go into it all...I know I will enjoy making it and the girls will enjoy receiving it. I'd like to find a car garage or something like that for the boys also. 

I've also been working hard with M trying to get her to learn her reading. She has a hard time retaining information so it's been quite a task....but she's slowly learning and with time will be able to read. S is enjoying learning her letters and words as well as always. She has this obsession almost with things, when learning colors it's all "that's an orange cat" or "that's a pink color" when learning numbers it's "4 colors" or "5 plates" counting and naming colors for everything...with letters it's different aside from blocks and such like that you don't see single letters around...but she has still found a way always putting letters on her pictures she's always drawing...and now with learning words, she points out the words she learns whenever she sees them...Lil D has been working in his letters, numbers, and colors. I enjoy each time their little faces light up with understanding in's the part that makes homeschooling all worth it.

Gotta Love Fishsticks!

I completed Lil D wardrobe. And of course it's all Fishsticks patterns!

He had plenty of pants, sweatshirts, and pajamas, so really just needed long sleeved shirts so that's what I made for him...

Charlie Tee and Hoodie made as a long sleeved shirt in size 5
Patrick Curved Raglans in size 5
HRRH in size 5 I made a bunch of these for testing purposes and love the pattern!