Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Holiday Blog Debut Tour

What better way to get your name out there as a designer then a blog tour? And what better time to show off great patterns then during the holidays? So, here it is, my version of holiday blog tour, hosted by The Wolf and the Tree, Hello Holli, and Chalk and Notch.
When I signed up to be apart of the blog tour I had to pick which pattern I'd feature..then pick another pattern to go with it, well picking a featuring pattern was hard! I finally decided on The Wolf and the Tree Abby Footed Tights, after that I decided I'll do both of the other patterns! 

The Wolf and the Tree Abby's Footed Tights is such a fast, easy sew, and when you have a child who's allergic to polyester it's hard to find tights for her. When that same child loves tights, it makes things rough...along comes Saskia and her Footed Tights pattern, it was like a dream come true in the world of a 5yr old...
You then take this awesome tights pattern and pair it with Hello Holli's Blue Ridge Dress pattern and wow! What a wonderful Christmas dress outfit! But, wait! Add into the mix Chalk and Notch's Fishtail Kimono and the wow just got better! is my take on the Abby Footed Tights, the Blue Ridge Dress, and the Fishtail Kimono.

I mentioned how my girl loves her some tights, how about tights in any color one can dream up? That's every girls dream right? The person behind The Wolf and the Tree made up a wonderful pattern for making little girls loads of tights, she even went so far as to make a pattern version for both 2way and 4way stretch knits! Com'on that's got to be some bonus points there, to take the guess work out of how much shorter do you need to go to get a great fit with 4way stretch knit!
Add to the tights this awesome dress pattern by Holli over at Hello Holli, the Blue Ridge Dress. My girl is already planning what material I will use for her dress next. It was a easy, fast sew, which is a definite plus in my book with the busy lifestyles so many lead these days. It has a unique look to it I've not seen elsewhere before, too.
To complete the outfit is the Fishtail Kimono created by Gabriela at Chalk and Notch. The way this pattern is made up gives it a different look then all the other kimonos I've seen. Definitely adds a bit of flavor to this outfit. With two ways to do the binding, directions to lengthen arms if you'd like, or a longer bodice it makes for a completely personalizable pattern for sure!

When pieced together you have a great outfit for any holiday get together! My girl is super excited to have gotten a new dress and has ordered more, she says they're very comfortable. She's already got more tights then she could ever imagine. 

I truly enjoyed being able to be a part of this blog tour! I can't wait to see what the pattern designers will come out with next! 

As part of this blog tour The Wolf and the Tree, Hello Holli, and Chalk and Notch are hosting a giveaway! So, go on, join the giveaway! You might get lucky and win something!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Wolf and the Tree Abby's Tights!

Yes, yes, I know it's been awhile, you'd be amazed at what all has happened, and continues to happen...but that's for another day and however, I come to tell you about a new pattern I got lucky enough to test!

My S has a polyester allergy, because of this her love and desire of millions of tights can't be met...until now! Saskia from The Wolf and the Tree has made this awesome pattern for tights! With the help of Lil D I made up a pair in under an hour from cut to finish, and the results were amazing! Perfect fit! Some slight modifications to the pattern over all and it's become an even better fit! My S is the happiest little girl alive now, she has sent mommy on the hunt for Minnie Mouse knit so she can have Minnie tights...the ability to fulfill this desire of her heart is great when before she was stuck with brown, black, and white tights...and then only got new ones if mommy could find some without polyester. 

I also made some up for M. M has started dance, this means she needed something to wear for dance practice...I pattern mashed for the top, and used Abby's Tights for the legs - perfect! 
The first version I tested, made up for S, she has worn them near daily...
S had ordered an Eeyore skirt...well, it's getting cold here now, so I took the Abby's Tights pattern, used the yoga waistband, and attached a skirt! She loves it!
Outfit for dance! The tights offer plenty of wiggle room for a girl in dance!
Add in a side accent and get a cool looking pair of tights! (Another outfit for dance)
It really is a great pattern! With a great fit! And plenty of room for a wiggling, dancing girl! Comes with yoga waist band, elastic waist band, side accent, 2-way or 4-way stretch options. Making it into your own is so easy and the results are simply amazing. I know I, for sure, will be busy making a bunch of these for all year round!

Pop on over to and grab the pattern while it's on sale! Use ABBYSTIGHTS for 3$ off and start sewing up your own for the special girls in your life!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plans, Ideas...oh no! Wait!

We had plans, and some ideas...then mom ended up with emergency surgery...she's doing MUCH better now though! But, until she's healed up plans have been put on hold...same with the ideas...but it's getting all back in order...

While mom was having her surgery the doctors led me to believe shed need a totally altered wardrobe...for bandage I set to work making up some button up nightgowns using a pattern Id made a couple years ago for her...I did get one made up minus the buttons when mom came home...she didn't need so I set to work on other things instead...

Charlie Tee made up for B. I found this material at 2$/ was hard to pass up so I got 10yards lol B likes frogs so of course I used some of it for a tshirt for her...she loves it!

"Tshirt dress" made using a tank top for S
Tshirt dress for M

And, I do all this sewing/crocheting for it was time to do some for myself! Stitch Upon a Time released the Scrundlewear pattern not long ago...I've made 12 for myself! Best underwear ever! Lol but no, I won't share a picture of them here lol
SUAT also released the Spoxxy...made one for myself today, awesome fit! I need to make up more spoxxys for sure! I got another pattern I need to make one up to test, too, the Versa Cami by SUAT...

I still love Fishsticks! But SUAT is up there in my well loved list now too! 

Little Miss S asked for a red and black dress for her I gladly made one up!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Apple Blossoms, Dandelions, and Dresses.

As the days get longer and the nights get shorter...I know spring is just around the corner...I keep thinking of grandpa during this time of the winter snows melt away feeding the ground preparing for planting, as the trees start to bring forth green as the dandelions pop's a time of rebirth, a time of hope for the future, it was always my grandpas favorite time of year...I hope that this year we can plant a couple Apple trees...Id love to be able to watch for the blossoms...
As the weather warms up I start thinking about the kids clothes...what will they wear this year? Well...I got some new patterns Id love to try out! And I will as soon as I have the ability to print them lol...but I also have already printed patterns I've not used, or only used once Id like to try out too! So yes, they will be getting more mommy made clothes added to their wardrobes!
This year my husband has decided he doesn't want the girls wearing speghetti dresses of any some of the patterns Id like to try I'll need to alter to accommodate his desire in that aspect...while other RTW things will need to be altered as well...I also expect a long list of nightgowns being requested by my mom...I swear she has a nightgown fetish lol I wait to see what all is needed for each of the kids, between what I put up from last year and what was gotten over the winter I don't know who all truly needs what til I get it all washed up and sorted...then I'll see what's NEEDED by each child...then from there add in a couple wants hehe

After husbands desire of no speghetti straps...I changed the bottom portion by cutting off the speghetti straps and adding a tshirt top instead...this is made for S, and she loves it!

The red is a shawl like thing my mom found...she wanted it used in a nightgown for herself...I happened to find the leopard print material and since it's the kind she likes as nightgowns I had gotten it...she then told me she wanted the red shawl as the front with the leopard print as the back...and the green shirt as the here it is! As she requested! 
This is another nightgown for my mom...this one is actually comfortable! I mean...I tested it to check length like I do for all of them...the bottom is a mystery fabric mom found at a garage sale and the top was a shirt someone had made for her that she wanted turned into a here it is!

More to follow im sure! Lol I've been getting back into sewing lately...also doing some crocheting lately too...been enjoying it!
Mom swiped this outfit as soon as she seen it lol proclaiming she had naked barbies...k whatever...I'll make another for the girls I guess lol...barbie was always my grandmas model for the clothes she made for barbies...and so she's my model now...I've been working on crocheting some clothes for the girls barbies...this was the first one I made, second is still a WIP and I'll get done eventually lol

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cutie Turns 5...

S has always been called our "Little Cutie" due to her overall attitude...she's just a joy in the storm that is M...
Well our Cutie has turned 5 :O I can hardly believe it. Each day she spends drawing in various drawing pads, or coloring in her coloring books, writing her letters on the chalkboard, or playing quietly with her Minnie Mouse stuff. Boy, does that girl love her Minnie Mouse!
Last year mommy had surprised her with a Minnie Mouse outfit. It was complete with a hat and everything...she loved it, still wears it each chance she gets..the sleeves are getting short but it still gets plenty of wear...
This year she came to me and said "Mommy, I'll be 5 soon. I need you to make me a new Minnie Mouse dress. I need it with blue polka dots, and short sleeves. Please mommy." Why, yes Cutie, mommy loves meeting your desires since you don't ask for much.

Fishsticks free "The Tank" pattern with attached ruffles for sleeves...the body is interlock. The skirt and sleeve ruffles are jersey knit. She was quite happy!

But, a girl can't get what she asks for only...there's no surprise in that. 
Mommy made her a second Minnie Mouse dress! Same pattern/materials just in black and red.
She was a VERY happy little girl! She now has 3 minnie dresses! 

She picked out her birthday cake items...
With the help of M we turned those things into a Minnie Mouse cake! It was yummy!

So. Yet another year of Cutie, bringing smiles, laughter, and happiness wherever she goes.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Busy while offline

We haven't had Internet for about a month now and during that time I've been busy with various different things. I made Christmas gifts for each of the kids and others. I also learned how to knit, granted I can't do it very fast yet, I still know how now which is something I've wanted to learn for awhile now it's one of the few crafts I didn't know how to do already.

The girls got ballerina skirts. Well loved and enjoyed.
Lil D got a Lightning McQueen super hero cape. That he loves and sleeps with next to his bed.
J got a new blankie.

I did crocheted kitchen towels for my mom, daddy, and some extras. I was really enjoying making them again brought back memories of when me and grandma would make them and sell them as craft fairs. I only stopped cuz I ran out of yarn that matched the towels I have lol. The ones pictured still need buttons.

I also crocheted the girls a doll pillow and blanket for their crib.
I made a boondoggled fish for the older 3 for their winter coat zippers. I also made a cross for my mom that she has on her keys.
I sewed up 3 new nightgowns for my mom also...she loved them...

With everything else I've been doing I've also been going through some of grandmas craft books. I found the plastic canvas barbie house she wanted to make for me before she lost her eyesight and it never got made. So I've decided the girls will be the ones to get to enjoy the dream my grandma had. I'll make the barbie house for them. It'll most likely end up being a Christmas gift next year as it's no small task to complete with the plastic canvas need and the yarn in various colors some in great quantities, plus the time to go into it all...I know I will enjoy making it and the girls will enjoy receiving it. I'd like to find a car garage or something like that for the boys also. 

I've also been working hard with M trying to get her to learn her reading. She has a hard time retaining information so it's been quite a task....but she's slowly learning and with time will be able to read. S is enjoying learning her letters and words as well as always. She has this obsession almost with things, when learning colors it's all "that's an orange cat" or "that's a pink color" when learning numbers it's "4 colors" or "5 plates" counting and naming colors for everything...with letters it's different aside from blocks and such like that you don't see single letters around...but she has still found a way always putting letters on her pictures she's always drawing...and now with learning words, she points out the words she learns whenever she sees them...Lil D has been working in his letters, numbers, and colors. I enjoy each time their little faces light up with understanding in's the part that makes homeschooling all worth it.

Gotta Love Fishsticks!

I completed Lil D wardrobe. And of course it's all Fishsticks patterns!

He had plenty of pants, sweatshirts, and pajamas, so really just needed long sleeved shirts so that's what I made for him...

Charlie Tee and Hoodie made as a long sleeved shirt in size 5
Patrick Curved Raglans in size 5
HRRH in size 5 I made a bunch of these for testing purposes and love the pattern!