Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Girl!

Today is M's 6th birthday! I can't believe how fast the time has gone....seems like just yesterday we were setting up the crib and discussing names....and now 6 yrs later our little girl is growing up right infront of our eyes....

She awoke to a new princess dress! Fawn Lily pattern button yoke and Aline skirt (and I realized after done that Cinderella is standing on her head...but M doesn't mind! She still loves it!)

She got the toys with homemade "cloud dough" it was a huge hit! The tub it's in is plenty big for all kids to play in at once! They were playing together for a good 4hrs....
She also got the tunnel! Another huge hit! I had been wanting one of these for the kids to play in for quite some time....we found it at a thrift store! I can't wait to be able to set up the playroom again and include the tunnel!
She also got a package from gramma and Gigi! Barbie dresses, a notebook, and some clothes were inside! 

Still to come is cake and donuts! And supper is as birthday girl requests: hotdogs, chips, and fruit salad with cake, ice cream, and donuts as dessert!

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