Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wow, how the time flies by...

So once again it's been what a month? Since I posted anything. In that time I've been so busy with different things I've not had time to do much posting. I'll start at the beginning...
J who's now 8months old has him 2 teeth with at least 2 more coming in and let me tell you he is one cranky teether! 
M has once again grown longer in the legs...I swear that girl is all leg...
S has been learning her alphabet and already knows A-F like a pro ;) M has been having troubles with mixing up letters...both girls know their numbers by sight and can count to 23 before they get mixed up...
Lil D is loving being a big brother in all ways possible, he can't wait for the day he gets to share his room with J and not just his toys.

We have 3 new additions to our family as well. 
There's Buzz the cat, he's a 14yr old grey, lovable boy. He came to live with us when his previous owner went into the nursing home. We also had his brother Smokey, but Smokey just couldn't handle the loud ruckus that is our home so we found him another home where he is MUCH happier!
We also have Sadie, she is a fullbred black lab, and 8yrs old. She's such a sweetie. She loves to play and is always looking out for the kids, the perfect dog for our family. She came to live with use from the humane society, she was originally living with my mom but my moms house is by no means set up for a large Sadie came to live with us. Sadie enjoys spending her days outside sunning on the back porch watching the kids play, or even running along with them. She enjoys sleeping on her bed in the middle of the living room floor at night. Her favorite treats are homemade...she is a truly spoiled girl but we love her all the same!
Nest up, is Tinkerbell, or Belle for short. Belle is a pit bull/lab mix, and just the sweetest little girl. She's 4 1/2months old. She came to live with us directly from the humane society. Her previous owner accidentally ran her over in his vehicle, they took her to the vet for care...and never came back for her...poor little girl :( due to being run over she isn't allowed to play much for 3months (1 1/2months to go) we let her play some but we closely monitor her to keep her safe. In 3months time she will be reevaluated and at the time we will see what further actions need to be done for her to get the best out of life. Belle enjoys laying on the couch and playing with her purple squeaky toy. Her favorite treats are homemade.

During the time I've not been posting, I've been doing quite a bit of sewing! Tomorrow I'll try to post about all the diapers I've made up for J!

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