Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kids Sewing Week

So I recently heard about this thing called Kids Sewing Week. It's where you spend one hour a day sewing something for yours kids for a whole week. Easy right? Wrong! Trying to find an hr to sew everyday for a week straight with four kids has got to be one of the hardest things to do. So sew once the kids are asleep you say? Wrong! Once The kids head to bed I'm usually cleaning up and getting ready for the next day before heading to bed myself. I managed to sew for 3hours straight! Wow! Some type of record there! Especially since I sewed while my kids were awake! 
Some of what I sewed up today I can't share yet...but I did sew up 2 of Fishsticks new S&S Skate Pants. That's a pattern I got to test a couple weeks ago! Man, I love Fishsticks patterns! Another thing I got sewn up today was a Fishsticks Charlie Tee...there? See? I love a Fishsticks patterns! They are the only pattern I've found that works so nicely on Sir Chunky Monkey (Lil D) 
I'll share one picture of what I sewed today
 Charlie Tee with the pocket. Lil D LOVES the pocket! As soon as I out the shirt on him he ran off and stuffed as many cars into the pocket as would fit...then tried to stuff a few more in. I used a thin knit interlock that's why it looks like it's laying oddly. The print is Ooga Booga. I've been wanting some Ooga Booga prints a lot! And a friend sent me some! I had been hoarding them until today. Love how this shirt turned out! Lil D loves it too...infact he's sleeping in it. :D

More to come tomorrow...time for sleep now...

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