Friday, July 25, 2014

A Whole Lotta Diapers!

Yesterday I mentioned about having sewn up a bunch of diapers. Well here they all are! All are identical pattern in my favorite diaper pattern! The FattyCakes diaper! I sewed these up as size large and then used my new found love, button hole elastic! Seriously! That stuff is an amazing invention! I mean, you can turn a large diaper into a diaper that can fit a newborn! J has been wearing this diapers since he still had his chicken legs around 2-3months old! He has since gotten him some chunky thighs and they still fit perfectly! I choose to make a size large over all due to that being the size Lil D is currently in.

So here goes! There's a lot of them! I lost track of how many I actually sewed up but they make up 98% of his currently used diapers! (2 diapers are not from I sewed up when Lil D was 6 or so months old and the other I got from a friend)
Robots! This one has a fleece inner layer
More robots! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
Dinos! This one has a minky inner layer
Bacon and eggs! This one has a fleece inner layer
Arrr mateys! Pirate diaper! This one has fleece inner layer
Another pirates diaper! This one has Minky inner layer
Giddy up! A Cowboy diaper! This one has minky inner layer
And another robots diaper! This one has cotton velour inner
Lil monsters! This one has a minky inner layer
Ooga booga! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
More Ooga boogas! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
This was a plain white diaper that I sewed appliqué birds onto. Minky inner layer
Cars! Fleece inner layer
More cars! Cotton velour inner layer
This one was a plain white that I took an old shirt and cut off the saying "I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day" inner is minky
Another plain white one that I used a shirt saying on "crazy doesn't even begin to cover it." Minky inner layer
Plain ol' red! Inner is minky
Red with monkeys! Minky inner layer
Cars appliquéd fleece inner layer
Elephant appliqué! Fleece inner layer
Hedgehogs! Cotton velour inner layer
And more Ooga boogas! Cotton velour inner
I recently found out this print is called "hounds tooth" cotton velour inner
Birdies! Fleece inner

And last but certainly not least is
Owls! This one I did differently as I sewed it up for Lil D. It's got a fleece inner layer and Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

That is a whole lotta diapers! I think I'm done sewing diapers for awhile...unless of course we happened to have another little girl sometime in the future ;) then she will definitely need some cute girly diapers!

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