Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finally got it done!

When I sewed up the party dresses for the sister fell in love and asked if I could make one for her little girl! 
So here it is! Completed finally! I LOVE how this one turned out! I made it up differently then I did the ones for the girls and it turned out so much better!
It does still need buttons as I don't have any to match so need to get some...but otherwise it's done! I can't wait to see it on my niece! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today i was planning to do some more updating on what I've been sewing up lately but it's my turn to do the weekly mission on BP sooo....I'll get back to updating perhaps tomorrow while I wait on ship repairs lol. I love my fleets but sheesh! They take a long time to repair! (Shortest is over 10 hours....)

BP, Game of War, and FFXI are the only 3 games I play! And right now FFXI isn't 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fall/Winter planning already?!

It seems like just yesterday I was waiting on the spring thaw...and here it's starting to cool again and I'm figuring out what I'm sewing for who for fall/winter wear. Sheesh! Time sure does fly!

So the list I'm planning to sew up (as of right now...I greatly expect this to change!)
For J:
10 Austin Lee Rompers
5 Charlie Tees
5 Patrick Curved Raglan
5 S&S Skate Pants
5 Inside Out Pocket Pants
5 Jamie Jumpers with feet
5 Comfy Sleep Sets
1 Which Way Out Jacket

For Lil D:
10 Charlie Tees
10 Patrick Curved Raglan
10 S&S Skate Pants
10 Inside Out Pocket Pants
10 Comfy Sleep Sets
1 Which Way Out Jacket

For S:
2 Play date dresses with long sleeves

5 Charlie Tee
5 Patrick Curved a Raglan
5 S&S Skate Pants (her request)
10 leggings (5 with attached skirts)
10 Comfy Sleep Sets
1 Which Way Out a jacket

For M:
2 Play Date dresses with long sleeves
5 Charlie Tee
5 Patrick Curved Raglan
15 leggings (5 with attached skirts)
10 Comfy Sleep Sets
1 Which Way Out Jacket

...I'm still working on other dress patterns that I'd like to sew up for winter for S...M doesn't like as much that I've sewn for her due to SPD issues so I don't sew as much for her and only sew what she'd for sure wear...I might change this list up some to include a new pattern...we shall see...other then the leggings all patterns listed come from ...see I told you I love her patterns! I do need to purchase the Inside Out Pocket Pants, the PlayDate dress, and the Which Way Out Jacket in a bigger size still...but I'll get them! (Some day I promise I'll own all her patterns! They're are awesome!)

Now it's time to go sew up a tester...then maybe cut out some things listed to sew up tomorrow...

A Whole Lotta Diapers!

Yesterday I mentioned about having sewn up a bunch of diapers. Well here they all are! All are identical pattern in my favorite diaper pattern! The FattyCakes diaper! I sewed these up as size large and then used my new found love, button hole elastic! Seriously! That stuff is an amazing invention! I mean, you can turn a large diaper into a diaper that can fit a newborn! J has been wearing this diapers since he still had his chicken legs around 2-3months old! He has since gotten him some chunky thighs and they still fit perfectly! I choose to make a size large over all due to that being the size Lil D is currently in.

So here goes! There's a lot of them! I lost track of how many I actually sewed up but they make up 98% of his currently used diapers! (2 diapers are not from I sewed up when Lil D was 6 or so months old and the other I got from a friend)
Robots! This one has a fleece inner layer
More robots! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
Dinos! This one has a minky inner layer
Bacon and eggs! This one has a fleece inner layer
Arrr mateys! Pirate diaper! This one has fleece inner layer
Another pirates diaper! This one has Minky inner layer
Giddy up! A Cowboy diaper! This one has minky inner layer
And another robots diaper! This one has cotton velour inner
Lil monsters! This one has a minky inner layer
Ooga booga! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
More Ooga boogas! This one has a cotton velour inner layer
This was a plain white diaper that I sewed appliqué birds onto. Minky inner layer
Cars! Fleece inner layer
More cars! Cotton velour inner layer
This one was a plain white that I took an old shirt and cut off the saying "I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day" inner is minky
Another plain white one that I used a shirt saying on "crazy doesn't even begin to cover it." Minky inner layer
Plain ol' red! Inner is minky
Red with monkeys! Minky inner layer
Cars appliquéd fleece inner layer
Elephant appliqué! Fleece inner layer
Hedgehogs! Cotton velour inner layer
And more Ooga boogas! Cotton velour inner
I recently found out this print is called "hounds tooth" cotton velour inner
Birdies! Fleece inner

And last but certainly not least is
Owls! This one I did differently as I sewed it up for Lil D. It's got a fleece inner layer and Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

That is a whole lotta diapers! I think I'm done sewing diapers for awhile...unless of course we happened to have another little girl sometime in the future ;) then she will definitely need some cute girly diapers!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A New Fishsticks Design Pattern!

A couple weeks ago, the person behind Fishsticks Designs asked for pattern testers for her new pants pattern. Of course I signed up! I was asked to test a size 4T. Which I happily did!
The S&S Skate Pants was the pattern, and it's now been released! Wanting to know some more about it? Here goes. I've only done one other pattern review but hey! Everyone's gotta start somewhere right?
I sewed up a size 4T to test the size on my 4yr old S. This are geared more towards boys yes, but I seen some pretty cool looking girl versions as well! Due to S being currently in size 4T and me working on winter/fall clothing for the kids in a size bigger to allow for growing room I sewed these up geared towards Lil D for winter wear as we were testing the pants version (the pattern offers a shorts version also!)

Here's the front shot of a 4T on my little girl. This is the "narrow leg" option. the fit is perfect on her although it does allow room for cloth diapers also! Always a bonus especially in some of the smaller sizes.
Here's the back shot.
Here's the side shot.

There's also a "wide leg" option.

Back shot of the wide leg version. This version offers a wider leg for the thicker thighs. Or just simply a more roomy fit.
 Front shot.
Here is a comparison photo of both versions so you can see the difference between wide leg and narrow leg.

You can see between the 2 that I made some of the various options available! I mean look at those colors! the options are endless there! There's also faux button, drawstring, and belt loops. There's so much detail that goes into each piece. All the top stitching just adds so much detail! You can do back pockets and cargo pockets...or leave those pockets off. This was my first time ever using my twin needle that I've had for years. and I just LOVE how it turned out!
Overall I say this is another great pattern from Fishsticks designer! Like what you see? Hop on over and grab the pattern! I know I for one will be making quite a few more of these!

Kids Sewing Week

So I recently heard about this thing called Kids Sewing Week. It's where you spend one hour a day sewing something for yours kids for a whole week. Easy right? Wrong! Trying to find an hr to sew everyday for a week straight with four kids has got to be one of the hardest things to do. So sew once the kids are asleep you say? Wrong! Once The kids head to bed I'm usually cleaning up and getting ready for the next day before heading to bed myself. I managed to sew for 3hours straight! Wow! Some type of record there! Especially since I sewed while my kids were awake! 
Some of what I sewed up today I can't share yet...but I did sew up 2 of Fishsticks new S&S Skate Pants. That's a pattern I got to test a couple weeks ago! Man, I love Fishsticks patterns! Another thing I got sewn up today was a Fishsticks Charlie Tee...there? See? I love a Fishsticks patterns! They are the only pattern I've found that works so nicely on Sir Chunky Monkey (Lil D) 
I'll share one picture of what I sewed today
 Charlie Tee with the pocket. Lil D LOVES the pocket! As soon as I out the shirt on him he ran off and stuffed as many cars into the pocket as would fit...then tried to stuff a few more in. I used a thin knit interlock that's why it looks like it's laying oddly. The print is Ooga Booga. I've been wanting some Ooga Booga prints a lot! And a friend sent me some! I had been hoarding them until today. Love how this shirt turned out! Lil D loves it too...infact he's sleeping in it. :D

More to come tomorrow...time for sleep now...

Wow, how the time flies by...

So once again it's been what a month? Since I posted anything. In that time I've been so busy with different things I've not had time to do much posting. I'll start at the beginning...
J who's now 8months old has him 2 teeth with at least 2 more coming in and let me tell you he is one cranky teether! 
M has once again grown longer in the legs...I swear that girl is all leg...
S has been learning her alphabet and already knows A-F like a pro ;) M has been having troubles with mixing up letters...both girls know their numbers by sight and can count to 23 before they get mixed up...
Lil D is loving being a big brother in all ways possible, he can't wait for the day he gets to share his room with J and not just his toys.

We have 3 new additions to our family as well. 
There's Buzz the cat, he's a 14yr old grey, lovable boy. He came to live with us when his previous owner went into the nursing home. We also had his brother Smokey, but Smokey just couldn't handle the loud ruckus that is our home so we found him another home where he is MUCH happier!
We also have Sadie, she is a fullbred black lab, and 8yrs old. She's such a sweetie. She loves to play and is always looking out for the kids, the perfect dog for our family. She came to live with use from the humane society, she was originally living with my mom but my moms house is by no means set up for a large Sadie came to live with us. Sadie enjoys spending her days outside sunning on the back porch watching the kids play, or even running along with them. She enjoys sleeping on her bed in the middle of the living room floor at night. Her favorite treats are homemade...she is a truly spoiled girl but we love her all the same!
Nest up, is Tinkerbell, or Belle for short. Belle is a pit bull/lab mix, and just the sweetest little girl. She's 4 1/2months old. She came to live with us directly from the humane society. Her previous owner accidentally ran her over in his vehicle, they took her to the vet for care...and never came back for her...poor little girl :( due to being run over she isn't allowed to play much for 3months (1 1/2months to go) we let her play some but we closely monitor her to keep her safe. In 3months time she will be reevaluated and at the time we will see what further actions need to be done for her to get the best out of life. Belle enjoys laying on the couch and playing with her purple squeaky toy. Her favorite treats are homemade.

During the time I've not been posting, I've been doing quite a bit of sewing! Tomorrow I'll try to post about all the diapers I've made up for J!