Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Busy Day For Me...

My sewing machine had stopped working...but when S broke her arm and requested a polka dots arm sling I had to take the time to get it back up and running...after taking it apart and cleaning it out I got it to work again! YAY!
I don't have a picture of the arm sling but it's polka dots on the outside with monkeys on the inside and the strap is monkeys...
but what followed after getting the machine working again is:
For J: Knit interlock shirts
3 aren't pictured...

For S:
Fleece Pajama pants
Her birthday present! Quilted ears to make them stand up - polka dots is jersey knit black is knit interlock...I can't want to see her face. Can't believe she's going to be 4 already! it's missing the gloves still but I got a couple wks left to get those done...I've been working on this after S goes to bed for the night...
5T Knit Interlock shirts:

S calls this a "Dancing Dress":
I made a pink one like this...and then 2 others that are slightly different that aren't pictured...

for Mom: 
it's knit interlock top - with who knows what for the bottom lol Mom found the material and wanted a night gown made out of it...so here it is...she says it fits perfectly!

Left to do (that's cut out): 9 more shirts for J and 2 pairs of pants for S...not cut out is pants for J and Baby D...plus some Dress up themed dresses for S to play with

yes I've been busy...it's great to see my kids wearing Mommy made clothing though! <3