Friday, November 7, 2014


I lay here thinking...unable to sleep...
Me and my husband have been married for 7yrs last that time we've had to move from our home in South Carolina, into a place in Tennessee...only to need to leave there...we came to minnesota and had our first child while living in an apt with cracked windows...we moved into a trailer house, had our second child, found mold, moved into another apt...a little girl was killed days later, police investigations, a guy was put in jail....we moved out of there into a house...was forced to leave there by the county when the basement wall shook...we to went to Oklahoma...came back to minnesota,,,the septic tank went in we moved into the farm and now....
7yrs we've been far the only bliss has been in the babies...7yrs of marriage...4 kids...what else is there? Grandma said bad things come in 7year intervals...
Makes me think of the bible story of Joseph telling the dream of the pharaoh...the 7 fat cows mean 7years of plenty...those are eaten by the 7 skinny cows....7yrs of struggle follows...grandma died in 2006...was that the start? Or was it in 2007 when me and my husband had to leave our first house? Don't misread me,,,I'm not saying marrying my husband was a bad choice...I'm saying 7yrs of struggle follow 7yrs of mine and my husbands 7yrs of plenty coming soon? We've been struggling since we got married...married in a love so strong it has kept us together for better and for worse...I watch marriages fall apart over less then what we have endured... our 7yrs of struggles ending soon? 2015 will be yr 8 we've been together...will it be a year of "plenty"? Or more struggles...
I don't want for more worry of what tomorrow wil hold...that's all I ask...I'm tired of moving...I want my kids to have a place to call that asking for too much?

Has it really been that long?

It doesn't feel like it's been over 2 months since I posted anything...but I guess it has been...
The part 2 months have been very eventful....mostly not good...I can't even put into words all of how I've felt these past months...
Grandpa, I love you and miss you so much! How I wish you were here now...I feel like I can't breath, the world has come crashing lower then I ever thought possible...I know I'm having an anxiety attack, my first ever...but probably not my last...I'd be crying in yours and grandmas arms if you were here today...I don't know what to do! I just want hide away and cry but I can't, there's not time...
Today is Js first's supposed to be a day of happiness...a celebration of a little boy but no, I can't...I can't get past the unknown...13 days and we find out what did it ever come to this?! Stupid greedy people!
J has your cheeky smile...he has your stubbornness...he even has you're white's like you live on in him. It usually brings me comfort..,but not tonight...tonight I worry about the unknown...oh Js fine...the others are fine...we are all fine physically...but so much else is not right in our lives...ilegal things are being allowed to be done towards makes me sick just thinking about it. Money. The worlds evil. Can buy one anything....even the downfall of another...

...I don't know when I'll update next...I might later if I can make a happy day for my baby...please pray whoever reads this...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fishsticks Design Honor Roll Raglan Henley!

I got to test another new Fishsticks pattern! Man I love fishsticks patterns! Hehe
I tested sizes 12months and 5t
This was the first one I made up - perfect fit! Size 12months
The second I made up - size 6 with 7 length for M it turned out to be too big but it's all good!
Long sleeve 12months pockets a little wonky 
Long sleeve 5 with 6 length
5t M loves these shirts!
Testing makes perfect! 12 months

And when my sewing machine stopped working right I couldn't hem the bottom so Charlie Tee and Hoodie meets Honepor Roll Raglan Henley! It gives it a different, unique look!
Size 12months

Yet another great pattern by Fishsticks Design designer! This pattern is part of the Bundle Up for boys! Like what you see? Hop on over and grab it up!

Working on fall/winter clothing!

J is nearly completely set on an fall and winter clothing! Only needs pajamas done up still
Fishsticks Charlie Tee and Hoodie as a hoodie in size 18months
Another Charlie Tee and Hoodie done as a Hoodie in size 18months I skipped the pocket on to one
Fishsticks Patrick Curved Raglans in size 18months
Fishsticks Austin Lee Romper and Coverall as a coverall size 18months Ooga booga knit
Austin Lee Romper and Coverall as a coverall size 18months sports print knit
Austin Lee Romper and Coverall as a coverall size 18months puppy knit sleeves and puppy appliqué
Austin Lee Romper and Coverall as a coverall size 18months monster knit for the sleeves - appliqué is monsters
Austin Lee Romper and Coverall as a coverall size 18months Dino knit 

I can't believe he needs 18months size clothes already! He's getting so big!

Monday, August 11, 2014

He got the shirt....

My husband asked for me to attempt to make him a shirt....I did he loves it, wants more. He also asked me to make him some shorts
He got them....not exactly perfect he says but hey it's a start right? 
Next step I workon tweaking the pattern I started with and work on exerting him then perfect pair of short as he wants....
And I have a feeling as soon as I get the shorts perfect he will want pants done up lol at least they'll be easier since I'll already have the shirts pattern worked out
Love making him stuff just as much as I enjoy making the kids stuff! 💖

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Girl!

Today is M's 6th birthday! I can't believe how fast the time has gone....seems like just yesterday we were setting up the crib and discussing names....and now 6 yrs later our little girl is growing up right infront of our eyes....

She awoke to a new princess dress! Fawn Lily pattern button yoke and Aline skirt (and I realized after done that Cinderella is standing on her head...but M doesn't mind! She still loves it!)

She got the toys with homemade "cloud dough" it was a huge hit! The tub it's in is plenty big for all kids to play in at once! They were playing together for a good 4hrs....
She also got the tunnel! Another huge hit! I had been wanting one of these for the kids to play in for quite some time....we found it at a thrift store! I can't wait to be able to set up the playroom again and include the tunnel!
She also got a package from gramma and Gigi! Barbie dresses, a notebook, and some clothes were inside! 

Still to come is cake and donuts! And supper is as birthday girl requests: hotdogs, chips, and fruit salad with cake, ice cream, and donuts as dessert!

Dresses, dress, and more dresses!

This is a post about the dresses I've made over the past couple of months...

The dresses for M
This is an old skirt that I attached fishsticks free "the tank" pattern to
Another old skirt with "the tank" attached
Good Deeds dress
Peek-a-Boo's Evelyn Dress and Tunic
Another Evelyn
Cottage Mamas free Party Dress
Peek-a-Boo's free Janie Jumper
Another Janie Jumper
And the last Janie. Jumper for M

Dresses for S
Skirt with "The Tank" attached
Good Deeds
Party Dress
Janie Jumoer
Janie Jumper
Janie Jumper

I also made up a Party Dress for my niece!
This one still needs buttons attached but I love how it turned out!

I'm now completely caught up! Yay! Next up will be my latest sewing...mostly for J

The Past Few Months....

While I was more or less MIA in updating the blog...I was sewing a LOT! It's almost like the more I sew the more I want to sew...I just hate to cut into fabric but I love seeing my kids wearing something I've made for them...
Well...over the past months I've made pants for S, lil D, and J

S' pants
Leggings! These are part of her wardrobe of choice during the winter months
Then she hit a growth spurt! So I added ruffles to her shorter pants...she loved it!
Mickey! She has ordered another pair of these this

Lil D's pants
Courdory pants
Cars! Oh how he loved these pants...we shall need to see if they still fit him this year...
Light weight denim
Boats and ships pajama pants
More Cars! Another huge hit with Lil D....
And then you got not just Cars, but Lightning McQueen! And in Minky! Oh boy am I glad this pair still fits him...
and camo!

Then there's J's pants...
Took the sleeves of a shirt to make this pair...
Shiny blue
Tiny baby modeling new pants...I can't believe how big he's gotten since this picture...

That's all for the I need to update on the dresses I've made up for the girls! But first...i need me some sleep!