Sunday, September 1, 2013

Life Moves On...

Today was a MUCH cooler day then it has been. Shed roof got finished being shingled yesterday - need to put up some flashing and the roof is DONE! Then we'll work on the floor. The person we were borrowing the ladder from wants it back so we finished the roof 1st before the floor. 
We were going to get some beds today, but guy upped the price to more then new would be with the price of beds + gas to get there since we'd need to make 2 trips to get the beds...
Yesterday we Surprised my Daddy and Becca with some pizza for supper...tonight DH treated us all to Subway. Daddy and Becca have been helping a LOT when it comes to the shed and other things in the farm...but they don't like taking any "payback" for this so we treated them to supper as a "thanks" and they appreciated it like we appreciate the help they've been giving us...we'd be no where near as far as we are if we were doing it all ourselves.
Soon I hope to find my serger that my Mom got for me! Then I have quite a few things I want to sew up using it so I'm hoping it works (she got it for free...) Right now I'm looking at patterns I have printed out and deciding what to make up to cloth the kids for fall/winter as I'm really wanting to MAKE their entire wardrobes this time...I had started to once before and actually got all except shorts sewed up for D but then a LOT has happened in the past year that I've not been able to keep that up...although right now D is still wearing the shirts I made him a yr ago (still fit but need to be longer I think...) M still wears some of the dresses I made up for her and S is wearing mostly dresses that were made last yr for her and some for M that are too short on M now...what S wears that wasn't made by me is her Minnie Mouse clothes which she jus I think I shall need to find me some Minnie Mouse material so I can meet her Minnie Mouse clothing desires without buying them ;) M would LOVE it if I could find some Princess material...and my little D wouldn't mind himself some "vroom vrooms" (Cars) on some of his clothes either...I'll do my best to meet my kids' desires when it comes to prints and they know brings me joy to sew up something for them and see their faces light up as they put on "mommy clothes" <3

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