Saturday, August 10, 2013

YAHOO! It's In!

Well the septic tank was to go in on rained Sunday night...a whopping 1.5inches needless to say the septic tank didn't go in Mon...we hoped that it'd NOT rain Mon did but only a tiny bit (enough to make things look wet) septic tank went in on Tues!!! Now we get the electric hooked up (this coming Monday!) and then we get the electrician out there to connect the septic tank's pump to electric...then we got a working septic tank!
Next on the list to do: take a look around the house see what we can see as far as outlets/light switches and see how many we need of well as the covers for them...then we put up what we can as far as ceiling lights go and figure out what more we need there too...and the kitchen sink needs it's pipes connected...we need to get a plugin for the stove (wires are there jus no plugin) and see how we are as far as hookups for the washing machine...dryer right now would be a bonus if hooked up but it will also need to get done eventually...
Shed needs to be finished. Then my Mom's stuff starts emptying out into it...if we're lucky we'll be able to put SOME furniture out there also...if not I gotta find where to "shove" a heckalot of furniture since my Mom can't part with somethings for whatever emotional reason...
the LAST thing to happen? my stuff moves out of my Daddy's garage and into the farm house! :D we might be already staying there when that jus depends some on weather (don't want to move too much in rain if we can help it...)

Things are FINALLY starting to move in a fast pace! I can see the day I can lay in MY bed in MY house and stare at the ceiling jus'll be here before I know it...and I can't wait!

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