Monday, August 26, 2013

Ready! Set! Go!

The title of this blog post will make sense when you read how fast things will be happening in the next wk or 2! it's a case of if I get to sit down and fold up some laundry I'll count myself lucky!

I got some GREAT news today in regards to the farm house...some bad news too but nothing too bad...great news is the kitchen ceiling light is the ONLY wire that needs to be changed (and then cuz *I* want it done not a NEED) - this means that we can go ahead and let the power run throughout the house (except Kitchen) and get toilets able to flush, water heater heating water, lights coming on...etc...this also means that we'll no longer need to load boards to be cut for the shed up into a vehicle, drive to my Daddy's house, unload the boards, cut them, load them back up, drive to the farm house, unload them, and put them where needed on the shed...instead we can plug in the skill saw at the farm!!! more good news: we can start setting up the bedrooms! (we had been waiting on that incase the electrician needed to tear up floor boards to replace wires on the main floor instead of tearing up the ceilings...) so the nicely painted kids' rooms will get the beds put in (mattresses purchased next wk - bed frames made by my DH) their dresser sets can leave my Daddy's garage and go into their rooms...master bedroom still needs some work but nothing major so we'll put it on hold (for now) and focus on the other need-to-do stuff so we can move in! then we'll redo the master bedroom later on 
the shed - we're moving away from "get the roof done!" to "get the floor laid!" then the shed can be getting filled up (thus the farm house emptying) as the roof finishes getting shingled...once all my Mom's stuff is in the shed then I can start setting up house!!! :D 
bad news? everything electric wise OUTSIDE the house has to be upgraded...why? we get 200 amps to the "box" then the pole (overhead wires) sends in 60 amps to the we "loose" 140amps by the overhead wires due to them not being able to handle the full amount of power...the fuse panel inside the house is good til 100 amps - the upgrade will be a buried wire that can handle the full 200 amps to get it to the house and the fuse panel inside upgrade to handle 200 amps also...then we're set there! Electrician's coming next wk to upgrade that and fix the kitchen light wire (he has to wait on some part to upgrade the panel) BUT we CAN LIVE in the house (ignoring the fact that my Mom's stuff still fills the main floor...) with the power as-is so it's not stopping us from moving in! 

SOOOO it comes down to - get the last things hooked up (stove/fridge/kitchen sink) so the kitchen is working (oven's being moved...fridge can be plugged in but isn't due to having no doors on right sink needs it's pipes tightened down...) and finish the floor at least on the shed then start emptying my Mom's stuff OUT! and my stuff IN! :D then we live there...even if with mattresses on the floor for now while DH works on bed frames for the kids...)

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