Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dare I Even Say it?

Been busy again...only this time actually getting things done! Amazing how good it can feel to spend 4hours painting a room...step back and jus stare at it like "yep I did that - FINALLY!" 
Last Monday I told DH "I've had it with waiting" and I picked up paint for the upstairs bedrooms in the farm house...the kids enjoyed picking out their own colors! Once we had the colors picked out I said how much of each color would be needed...got the rollers and such and to the farm we went! that night I got little boy's room painted and I was shocked at how close I was to having the correct amount needed to get the walls done in there...it made me hope there was enough for the other 2 rooms (bigger, but I had also gotten more paint for them...) the girl's room is nearly done, and again I was pretty right on as far as how much was needed. Since the master bedroom is the same size as the girls' room I have faith I got enough paint for there too. I can hardly wait until the rooms are completely painted, and we can start setting them up to be used! This will include "unloading" the main floor some and figuring out what of my Mom's furniture can go where "for now" as she'll want it all later and the shed we got isn't big enough for all the boxes plus all the furniture.
The shed? well it's a "barn" of a much smaller measure...DH is putting it up. He's enjoying being able to build this shed...once the shed is built my Mom's stuff can be stacked in there...the sooner this can be done the better off everyone will be is what I'm beginning to think.
DH has a job also. This is another thing that's made him happier...simply going to work, working hard, and caring for his family. He puts the shed up on days off and works the rest of the time...can hardly wait til we can move into the farm house!
The title comes from a thing I wonder if I should even mention...in fear it might be put off yet again...but I think I will...next Mon is scheduled for a septic tank! If it falls through again I might jus scream...go yell at some people...and then start digging the hole myself...all this waiting and for stupid reasons wears on someone's patience no how much they have...

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