Saturday, June 15, 2013

Figured I Should Update...

I've been super, super busy lately trying to get that house emptied...we're nearly done, but yet it seems like there's sooo much more to get out of there. My Mom seriously has a semi load and then some of stuff...We were able to borrow a 16ft flatbed trailer from a friend of the family, we've moved 5loads (mostly furniture) by that plus 5 loads in the Durango with seats folded down (that pulled the trailer) plus 20+ loads in my van with seats removed, and there's still more to get out! 99% of my stuff is out of there already (material is left) 95% of the overall total between mine and my Mom's stuff is out...the majority of what's left behind still is my Mom's belongings.
In moving ALL of this stuff we've gotten 1 broken pane of glass on a 200+yr old China cabinet (mine) my Daddy accidently put his knee through big deal, my Daddy was not cut when the glass broke which I'm glad of. My Mom however freaked out when she seen the broken panne...I told her "it's mine anyways let it go..." *I* think it adds to it's age, it's never had a broken panne of glass (that I know of) til now.
ALL of this stuff is going into the farm house, we have no where else to put ALL needs to be out of the other house by Fri. There is some of my stuff in my Daddy's garage but the vast majority of things have ended up in the farm house...all piled in the downstairs, me and DH went on Fri to sort it out to get it stacked more neatly so more could fit in there, otherwise we'd be running out of room...
I've been tired, had a couple nights of not sleeping due to stress in all this, but that's past now (I hope anyways) I sooo can't wait for this all to be DONE! then we can focus on getting my Mom into her trailer house (where she is going to put all her stuff I have NO idea...) and focus on getting on with our lives, putting all this behind us.
3 days ago was the 1yr anniversary of my Grandpa was a hard day, lots of stress mainly. But I got through it, My Grandpa will forever be with me no matter where I go. I feel he is right beside me at times, the times I need him the and my Grandparents were always super close. They were my rock in my life, still are, I cling to the things they taught me and use them in everyday life still to this day. I will always do that I'm sure. My Grandpa and Grandma I know are both happy seeing my dreams of raising my family in the farm house finally coming true...even if right now, it's being used as a storage space for my Mom's things.

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