Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Years Ago Today...

Today is the day I asked my Mom to come over to celebrate her birthday. Her birthday had been on the 3rd but for certain reasons that day just didn't work. She didn't know why I had insisted she come over...and neither did I completely it seems. You see, 7yrs ago today is the day my Grandma died. She took her last breath at 9:16AM, the same moment the clock quit working and never worked right again...That clock was handed down through the family for generations and was to go to me but has gone missing. Will we ever see it? who knows. Does it work now? who knows. It quit working at 9:16 7yrs ago today...the same moment my Grandma took her last breath. Today I insisted my Mom come over even though she didn't know why, I wanted her to come for some cake and a good meal for her birthday. Afterwards I took her home, with her leftover cake; and on the way back home for me I remembered. Today is May 9th, the day Grandma I know why I was so set on Mom coming today. You see...last yr at this time my Mom was hurt, due to what happened this day. My Mom called up my Grandpa and they talked about memories of Grandma and it helped her. This year my Grandpa's not here she needed something to help her through the day. Something to look forward to. Well I asked her to come for supper...she said she was looking forward to it. She showed up, we ate...then she got her cake with happy birthday sang by the made the day a happy day for her even if I didn't know why it had to be today until after. I know this coming June 12th will be hard for her as well, maybe even harder then it may have been today. But I know that together we can get through it. Maybe I'll get some hot dogs and can grill em on the grill in memory of Grandpa who was always grilling hot dogs on the grill. I'm glad that today was a happy day even if it has some sad memories to go with it. I try to not dwell on my Grandparents actual deaths but on the memories I created before hand...
Memories of my Grandma I'm not sure I've ever posted, some would be baking chocolate chip cookies, making dumplings, planting the flower beds, Grandma's look of joy when I'd bring in the 1st lilacs for her table. My Grandma taught me to crochet and sew. We played Clue and Guess Who? together more times then I can count. We'd watch Wheel of Fortune together and see who could solve the puzzle first. When she lost her eyesight I helped her "see" I'd describe things for her, like the fall colors on the bottom road. I'd bring the 1st Lilacs to her so she could "see" them with her finger tips. I'd cut off some of the Apple Blossoms for her to "see" those too. I enjoyed being able to help my Grandma keep enjoying the things she always enjoyed even if she couldn't see. We'd still make cookies, jus the roles were switched, I did the reading of the recipe and she did the mixing up of the stuff. These are all memories that I cherish, and I always will cherish.
You can't dwell on the sadness in causes you to become depressed. Instead you must dwell on the happiness in your life, I mean sure you'll have some sadness and it'll get you down but finding the happiness even if in memories of someone no longer here. Is really the key to happiness if you ask me. A person can't find happiness if they don't look for it so looking for that happiness is the key to happiness.

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