Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Thoughts...

I was thinking about how I started this blog to be a spot to share my DIY adventures; but now I think I really did give it a great name of "the whole She-bang." Why? you ask...well it's really quite simple. I have shared many, many of the things I've made; but I've also shared whatever happened to be on my mind at any given time. Plus I've also kinda of "used" my blog to "talk" to my Grandparents. Call me strange but it actually kind of helps me to be able to do that...rather anyone reads these posts or not, it helps me; and since it's my blog - that's what matters right? That it helps me.
Loosing my Grandpa so suddenly really shook me to the core, I loved my Grandpa, I didn't get to say goodbye to him he left too suddenly. My Grandma I loved deeply also. If it wasn't for them, I'm not sure I'd be ME today...I don't even know where'd I'd be today if it weren't for my Grandma and Grandpa caring for me and my brother all those yrs. No, I didn't live with my grandparents, we lived on the same farm as them. We ate supper with them. When my Mom went into the hospital we'd stay with them. My Daddy I'd see once or twice a month during the school yr and most of the summer. But it was my Grandparents who was there when I'd be sick and need to go home from school, it was my Grandparents who were there when I rolled my really without them who would I be? where would I be? for this I thank them. They were there when I needed them most never asking questions but being there. It helped me through a lot when I was growing up. And now, being able to "talk" to them, even if it's just me sharing my thoughts on a blog, it really helps me still.
So this blog has really turned into "the whole She-bang" and I actually like it that way.

Some other thoughts. The snow is melting...again...Maybe it'll stay away this time. If it does the we can work on getting that septic tank in. And I can work on where will I put my garden! and Cleaning up the farm house for my family to live in...I really look forward to hearing my kids run through that house. This is a house that my Great-Great-Great-Grandpa built the original house burned down due to a fire in the smokehouse, which was (still is) under the house. It's no longer in use now though. when that house burned down my Great-Great-Grandpa built the house that is currently standing there. The 4bdrm barn style farmhouse that I love so much. my Great-Great-Grandpa was working the farm one day and came to the well, and like every day before he ran some nice, cool, well water over his head and neck...well this day was different for some reason, that was the day he died, right there next to the well that is still there on the farm. My Great-Grandpa updated the house to have indoor plumbing and electricity. My Grandpa grew up in that house. I lived there til I was 7yrs old. It truly is a house that has grown with the family, a house that is cherished for the memories that surround it for my family. These are memories I will share with my kids and tell them why the house is so special to me. Call me weird if you'd like but the house is a house full of my families' memories. And cuz of this it is my dream house. I don't want some random huge house jus cuz it's pretty...I'll take the old farm house that holds memories, that I can add to those memories.

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