Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wasting Time...

Right now, it's March, and I feel we are just wasting time as the days fly by until the ground is warm enough to dig for the new septic tank! There's nothing that can be REALLY done until the furnace gets looked at (been too cold in the house to do this...) then we can get the furnace going and then can let the water run once again through the pipes (they were 100% drained before the furnace went off...) Also when the furnace is checked/cleaned/etc we can start painting! and cleaning...and whatever else needs to be done before we can move in...but in reality we're all just waiting on the ground to be warm enough to dig to replace/move/fix/whatever the septic tank.
Been spending my time keeping things cleaned down here, and starting M with her "school." She LOVES it! She's only 4.5yrs old right now so we're working on ABCs and 123s the most along with LOTS of coloring and such. Going to start S too and teach her right along with her big sister since S is soo smart with things already...why not grab that knowledge and feed it? This is why I wanted to homeschool my kids...I can teach my 4.5yr old and my 3yr old the same things at the same time and not force the 3yr old to be "held back" due to her age...She's a smart little girl and knows it and she just gobbles up knowledge as it is already...I hope she stays that way as it'll help her a LOT in the future.

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