Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring's A'coming!

This was my Grandpa's favorite time of yr...the snow's melting making the ground perfect for Spring planting...he'd be planning out his gardens (2 of them both were .5acres) and me and Grandma would be planning what flowers would go into the flower beds around the house...well this yr I get to do it all but I feel my Grandparents alongside me encouraging me like they always did "live your dreams" they'd tell's times like now I guess I miss them the most. I mean Spring held so much when I was growing up it's the little things, watching the earth just come alive after the winter "death" held so much and Grandpa watching the trees for those 1st leaf buds...and watching the ground for the 1st dandelions...and the fruit trees for the 1st buds of much promise it just amazes you if you really take the chance to stop and admire it all.
I plan to have myself a nice, big garden...Watermelon, Squash, Kohlrabi, Cucumbers, Onions, Peas...the list is endless, and why not? I can grow so much with just some dirt and a little loving attention why not grow it all? My Grandpa would say the same. I can see the garden vegetables peeking their tender green leaves up above the ground reaching for that watering them as needed, tending to any pests that might bother them...and nourishing them to good, strong vegetables to feed my family. I plan to teach my kids as my Grandpa once taught me...I promise, Grandpa, the babies will know how to tend a good garden! I'll give them each their own little spot of earth to plant things in also...why not? so what if their still little learning can never start too soon!
I plan to have Strawberries, Grapes, Raspberries, Black Raspberries...I plan to turn my little 10acres of land into a place of growth and happiness! I'll have Apple trees, and Plum'll be a place my Grandpa would LOVE! And I know, I too, will love it! Someday I'll watch my kids running amongst the fruit trees, grabbing fruit and enjoying it as they'll be a dream come true!
Yes, it may seem I have big dreams, but really, honestly if you think about it, my dreams aren't that far fetched...they'll just take years to completely fullfil, which I'm fine with makes it all worth it.
But for now, I'll watch for those 1st leaf buds and share them with my kids...then we'll watch for the 1st dandelions and we'll pick them and put them on the kitchen table...and we'll play in the dirt as we plant a garden that'll feed us when ripe...and we'll be happy, my kids will learn, just as I did what it's like to be happy to provide your own food as you watch the little green leaves stretch for the sun...those green leaves that'll turn into cucumbers or carrots...I look forward to this time...the time I'll share with my kids what my Grandpa shared with me...even if there is a few tears involved as this is the 1st Spring he's not here...

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