Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monkey Pants!

My little S has a thing for Monkeys...she LOVES her "Monkey butt" (diapers that have monkey print) and her "Monkey snuggle" (Minky blanket it with Monkeys on it) the 1 thing she didn't have; and made known to me; was Monkey pants! I didn't have enough material to make her pants completely out of Monkeys but...She's got her Monkey pants now!
Side view
Front view

She's a happy little girl...and has asked for a monkey shirt to match...I still have some monkey material left so I told her I'd see what I could do. I feel I have spoiled my kids...how you ask? They want a specific print/type of shirt/pants/skirt/pajamas they make their wishes known and Mommy does what she can to fulfill those wishes by MAKING what they want. :D I'm glad they love what I make for them and know that I'll do my best to let them have their favorite things on their clothing they just got to say what they want!

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