Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hearts and Princesses

Last night I made S a Monkey was the 1st hoodie I had ever made and turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself. S loved it I had put it, with her Monkey pants on the bottom of her bed and I woke to a "Thanks Mommy my Monkeys!" and she wanted them put on right that second which I obliged, happily. M then asked "Mommy? Can I have a Princess shirt like S? pwease?" and of course I could NOT say no to her :D so she picked out the material...I got out the size 5t pattern and pieced it together...then got to tracing/cutting the material...I didn't get to really sew it until all 3 kids were in bed. But it is now complete and she'll see it in the morning :D
She picked out the materials and which Princess I used as the applique (it's Cinderella)

And DH wants a hoodie, I don't have an adult sized pattern for a hoodie yet...maybe I need to make 1 using 1 of my hoodies...hmmm we shall see how THAT 1 will turn out I guess

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