Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wow! I feel bad

It's been awhile since I've posted anything! I do have goo reason though.
Let me start at the beginning:
it was a Tues night and my Mom came up the steps "the sewer's backed up" so Wed we called in someone to fix it - he told us it was fixed. Thurs I was washing up the diapers and my Mom said "the basement's flooding!" the guy who had "fixed" the sewer the day before had pumped 90+gallons of water into the sewer to clean it...this was all coming back up! So we called in someone else...they got their equipment stuck! we were informed then that we had either a broken or a collapsed we called in the construction workers...they started digging the following Mon - they ended up finding NO pipe at all! :O where'd it go? only God knows that answer...
during the digging the basement wall MOVED! so the county came in and told us we had to get out with the kids or loose we packed up the van and headed for a friend of mine's house til we could figure something else out...she has 6 kids herself - so add in my 3 and we had 9 kids 4 adults in a 5bdrm house...we made do though...we couldn't go back to our house though..still can't actually and all this happened nearly a month and half ago after some talking and praying we decided we'll head for Oklahoma and my Daddy's for we switched the van seats around, strapped in the carseats...headed for our house, I ran in packed up things while DH stayed in the van with the kids since they couldn't enter the house...then I went out to the van and DH carried the stuff out while I loaded up the van...and off we went! we stopped at a hotel the 1st night, and arrived at my Daddy's house after midnight the 2nd night.
Since we've been here DH has been trying to get a job, I've been sewing up some diapers to replace some that are wearing out from 4yrs of usage (I think it has to do mainly with not being able to hang dry them at my friend's so I HAD to dry them in the dryer...) and helping my Daddy take care of Becca since she has something going on with her knees...overall we've been having a great time here. I'm enjoying seeing my Daddy get to enjoy his grandbabies he hadn't yet met til we came here, and me getting to see my Daddy again after nearly 7 yrs.
not sure when I'll be able to update again. but I'll do my best to NOT let it be so long this time lol. and I'll make a post of some of the latest things I've sewn...

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