Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sewing machine down :(

Last night my sewing machine quit working halfway through sewing up another tshirt for Baby D. This morning I took a closer look (lack of light didn't allow a in-depth look last night) it appears something is up with the handwheel of the machine. The needle goes down but then seems to get "stuck" on something yet nothing's there to catch the needle - the hand wheel doesn't turn when I use the foot pedal and when I manually turn it the needle goes down then gets "stuck" I have to manually move the belt under the machine to get the needle to go back up...so that leads me to think it's something going on with the hand wheel and the mechanics dealing with that. Tomorrow I'll make a call to the elderly couple that use to fix the same sewing machine when it belonged to my Grandma. Hope it can be fixed!

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