Sunday, July 15, 2012

Been a Busy Mommy...

Between today and yesterday I've been 1 awfully busy Mommy. Other then the "normal Mommy stuff" like keeping the house clean, cooking the meals, keeping the kids clean, and clothes/diapers washed up I've also managed to sew...a LOT!
I'll start with the shirts for Baby D
Fire trucks and Dalmatians
"This place is a Zoo" Zoo Animals print
I also sewed up A Disney Princesses dress for M and a Minnie Mouse Dress for S
Disney Princesses
Minnie Mouse

I currently have 4 more T-Shirts cut out for Baby D - the pattern/size that I'm using gives him more then enough room to grow which is a good thing since my barely 10month old little boy is outgrowing 24month/2T sized clothing. I also have some material that I'm wanting to sew into shirts/dresses for M and S (not decided if I'm going to make them a shirt or a dress from the material). Plus there's some material to make dresses for the girls. Plus somewhere along the line I want to sew up some Mama Cloth too. So I definitely have my work cut out for me!

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