Friday, July 13, 2012

Been awhile...

Life has been hectic around here - my mouth is mostly straightened out now - I've suffered for years from a bad dentist as a child who didn't clean the teeth out after cavities that quite frankly I'm not even sure I had - I mean I was 16yrs old never had a cavity in my life and suddenly I have 27 of them? right, sure, whatever...well I was suffering tooth decay from those not properly cleaned out teeth - this also, sadly led to gum disease - but now my teeth are fixed as can be - I have to get a partial for the bottom but I'm pain free! the gum disease is under control and life's looking up there.
Grandpa's estate is being sorted out and the end is in sight there - my brother's starting to have a it over it all but eh I seen it coming from the day my Grandma died in 2006.
Me and my husband are planning a trip to visit family in the "south" we can't wait for that! It'll be nice to see the old friends in South Carolina again too.

I've gotten some Knit Interlock material for making some Tshirts for my son. Plus some other materials for making the girls some new dresses. I look forward to being able to sew that all up for the kids.

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