Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewing Machine's Back up and running!

I got some more shirts for Baby D sewn up :D 
Another Zoo Animals print
This 1 is Rocking Horses - it's such a lightweight cotton that I made it into a tank top. This will come in handy in the 100+ degrees of the South...

There is 1 more that I had started to sew before my sewing machine quit working that I actually finished by hand - I'll get a picture of that one once it's washed up nice and clean again.

Current project: M's birthday dress! I'm trying to make it special and pretty for her 4th birthday - even taught myself how to shirr jus for the dress! It's almost complete but there's still a lot of work to go into it to make it extra special for my Big Girl! :D


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sewing machine down :(

Last night my sewing machine quit working halfway through sewing up another tshirt for Baby D. This morning I took a closer look (lack of light didn't allow a in-depth look last night) it appears something is up with the handwheel of the machine. The needle goes down but then seems to get "stuck" on something yet nothing's there to catch the needle - the hand wheel doesn't turn when I use the foot pedal and when I manually turn it the needle goes down then gets "stuck" I have to manually move the belt under the machine to get the needle to go back that leads me to think it's something going on with the hand wheel and the mechanics dealing with that. Tomorrow I'll make a call to the elderly couple that use to fix the same sewing machine when it belonged to my Grandma. Hope it can be fixed!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Been a Busy Mommy...

Between today and yesterday I've been 1 awfully busy Mommy. Other then the "normal Mommy stuff" like keeping the house clean, cooking the meals, keeping the kids clean, and clothes/diapers washed up I've also managed to sew...a LOT!
I'll start with the shirts for Baby D
Fire trucks and Dalmatians
"This place is a Zoo" Zoo Animals print
I also sewed up A Disney Princesses dress for M and a Minnie Mouse Dress for S
Disney Princesses
Minnie Mouse

I currently have 4 more T-Shirts cut out for Baby D - the pattern/size that I'm using gives him more then enough room to grow which is a good thing since my barely 10month old little boy is outgrowing 24month/2T sized clothing. I also have some material that I'm wanting to sew into shirts/dresses for M and S (not decided if I'm going to make them a shirt or a dress from the material). Plus there's some material to make dresses for the girls. Plus somewhere along the line I want to sew up some Mama Cloth too. So I definitely have my work cut out for me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Been awhile...

Life has been hectic around here - my mouth is mostly straightened out now - I've suffered for years from a bad dentist as a child who didn't clean the teeth out after cavities that quite frankly I'm not even sure I had - I mean I was 16yrs old never had a cavity in my life and suddenly I have 27 of them? right, sure, whatever...well I was suffering tooth decay from those not properly cleaned out teeth - this also, sadly led to gum disease - but now my teeth are fixed as can be - I have to get a partial for the bottom but I'm pain free! the gum disease is under control and life's looking up there.
Grandpa's estate is being sorted out and the end is in sight there - my brother's starting to have a it over it all but eh I seen it coming from the day my Grandma died in 2006.
Me and my husband are planning a trip to visit family in the "south" we can't wait for that! It'll be nice to see the old friends in South Carolina again too.

I've gotten some Knit Interlock material for making some Tshirts for my son. Plus some other materials for making the girls some new dresses. I look forward to being able to sew that all up for the kids.