Tuesday, June 5, 2012

YAY! Snap Pliers!

Jus got my new snap pliers from KAMSnaps! I finished up the 2 diapers I had made for the girls but couldn't apply snaps due to me having worn out my old snap pliers
XL DDU made up for night time diapers for the girls

I also repressed the snaps on Baby D's Ooga Booga diaper - they didn't get pushed down 100% due to a worn out snap pliers lol

I must say the new snap pliers works MUCH easier then the old 1 did! I had to order a new 1 cuz the old 1 I had is discontinued meaning I can no longer get the dies for it...soo glad I got a new pliers though!

now I can work on making some side-snapping diapers for the kids as Daddy prefers those over the front-snapping he says they're easier to use...

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