Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unsure for a title...

Not sure what to title this post as it will contain a couple of different things lol

first up:
today was Grandpa's funeral - he had taken the time to 100% set it up for us - we had to say "this date - these flowers" and everything was done - it was so nice of Grandpa to do that - but then all his life he spent trying to making life easier on his family...it's jus the kind of guy he was...
we got a Blooming Crab Tree for his funeral - which will be planted in our yard in memory of him
other friends sent other plants - not really flowers as my Grandpa was more for the plants then the flowers on them...he'd plant the flowers for Grandma but he prefered the plants...those plants will get planted in his memory, also. And for many year to come we can enjoy them.

M's dress - Mommy made for Grandpa's funeral
S' dress - Mommy made for Grandpa's funeral

everyone thought the dresses were the sweetest thing...most o the people that came were old friends of my Grandparents that I grew up knowing - and them seeing the work, and love put into each dress, they knew the time that went into them...yes the girls can wear them again...I made them for Grandpa's funeral so they'd have something pretty to wear but they can be worn for other things as needed/wanted though

last thing:
I took a small break for a little while we got things set up for Grandpa's funeral - now that that's over I need to work on a tester diaper then I'll get to working on my shop goodies and get that up and running (slowly - but I'll get there)

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