Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remembering Grandpa...

My Grandpa passed away at 11:58AM this morning (June 7, 2012).
My Grandpa played a HUGE part in my childhood. I will miss him greatly.
When I was 3 my Grandpa surprised me with a bedroom set for my birthday.
When I was 4 he let me "drive" the brand, new Silverado down the driveway.
When I was 7 he knocked down an old shed to make room for the trailer house so we could live feet from Grandma and Grandpa after my Daddy left.
When I was 8 he purchased, and set up (with mine and my brother's help) a swing set for me and my brother.
When I was 9 he built us a teepee out of old swing set poles and an old canvas.
When I was 10 he made us "rubber band guns" and we had WW3-3000+.
He'd drive me out for the bus every single morning all of my school days, there'd be an unwrapped Tootsie Pop waiting on me and we'd spend that "special time" talking about family and history - I learned a LOT during that time.
When I was 12 we planted our 1st apple tree together...many, many more soon followed. We planted 2 gardens (1/2acre each) together...he took that time to teach me about fruit trees and garden vegetables.
We'd pick the Rhubarb together for Grandma.
He'd take his John Deere tractor/lawn mower and hook the coaster wagons to it and we'd wear groves in the grass going around the "train track" - we'd drive past the Sparta Cherry and Yellow Egg plum trees and grab a hand full and eat them right off the tree.
Me and Grandpa spent many, many hours cutting the grass together once I was 15. I'd use the John Deere, him on the Snapper...everytime we'd pass by the plum trees we'd grab some and snack on them as we went.
 Edmund Henry Wendinger
 January 22, 1930-June 7, 2012
Husband, Father, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa. 
He always said:
 "When I'm gone remember me as you see the Apple Blossoms in the Spring." 
So Grandpa, this picture is for you.
Tell Grandma about the Grandbabies; enjoy planting Heaven's gardens with vegetables and Sunflowers; plant the fruit trees to your hearts content.
We'll miss you but know you'll be here watching over us with Grandma.

"Holes in the Floor of Heaven"

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