Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Liquid Soap Update!

closer to 2 wks ago now I made some liquid soap to test to see how it would work...I promised an update in a week - life got to me sorry I've been busy haven't even done much updating of this blog in the past couple wks due to being busy...

the test is great! I've not had to mix it up EVER! it's a little too liquid-y for my preference though so next time I won't be adding the extra water at the end since I loved it jus the way it was before I added the water...I jus added the water in to test it, to see how it'll work.

so now I have a way to make homemade liquid soap and I can also use it to make liquid shampoo since my husband doesn't want to "rub a bar of soap" on his head! I'm waiting on the supplies I ordered to get here to make the shampoo bars - then I need to wait on them to cure...then I'll turn a bar into liquid for DH.

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