Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's quite funny to read the Dumb Laws for different states some of my faves:

don't drive a RED car down Lake Street in Minneapolis.
all bathtubs must have feet - mine does - when in USE!
don't cross the Minnesota/Wisconsin border INTO Minnesota with a Chicken on your head - that's how everyone enters Minnesota...
don't cross the Minnesota/Wisconsin border INTO Wisconsin with a Duck on your head - and this is how people usually enter Wisconsin

in Cottage Grove, Minnesota: don't put a hamburger in your back pocket on Sundays - other days it's alright?!
don't put an ice cream cone in your back pocket - people have done this?!
don't tie your ELEPHANT to a lamp post - like everyone has a pet Elephant...

don't CATCH a fish while drunk - you can go fishing jus don't you dare catch a fish if you're drunk
don't go fishing whales on Sunday - there's whales in Ohio?

Cleveland, Ohio: don't catch mice without a hunting license!
Youngstown, Ohio: don't run out of gas

women aren't allowed to fix their hair without a license - guess ladies need their husbands to brush their hair for them...

Don't shower naked - thought that's how you're suppose to shower?! best way to do laundry! lol
Don't sing in your bathing suit

those are the dumb laws that I remember off the top of my head as they're the best to me.

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