Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Choice is Made!

We've decided 100% that we are going to homeschool the kids! when M his 7 is when we need to make sure to get the testing need done and such...until then it's up to us how we want to teach them.

for M:
I've picked up some fridge magnets in letters and numbers in 4-5 different colors - these will be used to teach her the alphabet, counting, and colors.
She'll be helping me more with baking/cooking and counting the stuff out with me (ex 4 cups of Flour) to learn counting also.

for S:
we'll be working some with her at the same time as M jus focusing more on M right now since she's the oldest.

by the time M hits 7yrs old we'll have books and such picked out as well as be "joined" with the school district as that's who will need to do the testing as Minnesota state laws states...so we'll be taking the next 2 1/2 or so years to figure out which book/books we want to use for what

M will also at 6-7 be starting up piano lessons with a good friend of mine! she loves music and even if she doesn't pursue it 100% when she's older we feel it'll be a good base for music in the future.

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