Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Mommy...

I've been working on testing some tester patterns for good friends so not been posting much...also been working on learning new boondoggling "stitches" - and Mom said she'll teach me to Tat! using my Grandma's shuttles! I jus need to make up a small back of sorts to hold my Tatting stuff so I can take it with me places if I want'd be nice to have a small bag to take ANY crafting item along I'm working on currently - I mean Boondoggling/Hemp stuff I can jus shove in a pocket as needed but what about Crocheting/Knitting/Macrame/ pockets can be big enough in some cases for those lol
now I NEED to finish this TShirt - pictures will follow I promise...along with the diaper I'm testing!

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